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15 Fun Facts about Richmond Hill!

We created these 15 fun facts about Richmond Hill because, well…we LOVE Richmond Hill. We have helped hundreds of families move here—so our job isn’t just to sell homes, we also have to sell ourselves…and sell the city itself! Luckily, this is an easy task in Richmond Hill—because life here is truly exceptional.

To help others fall as in love with our city as we are, we’re constantly learning fun facts about Richmond Hill, which you can read below.

15 Fun Facts about Richmond Hill!

Without further ado, here are our favourite fun facts:

  1. Richmond Hill is the 6th-fastest growing urban city in the whole province.
  2. Our city leads the way in scientific and technical services (—which provides tons of great jobs to its professional inhabitants).
  3. In just 5 years our city grew by over 23%.
  4. Almost half of our diverse population, 45%, are visible minorities.
  5. We’re a smart bunch—as over 41% of our residents are university-educated! That’s well above the national average.
  6. Richmond Hill was long known as the “Rose Capital of the World”.
  7. It’s sister-city is Lakeland, Florida!
  8. Our official slogan is “a little north, a little nicer”, but our old motto was “En la rose, je fleuris” (French for “Like the rose, I flourish”).
  9. Last year city council officially banned the #4 from new streets being created as it is a bad omen in many Asian cultures.
  10. We have 166 parks and green spaces!
  11. We have the nation’s biggest indoor wave pool.
  12. Our Richmond Hill Centre of the Performing Arts is over 43,000 square feet.
  13. Over 60% of our population speaks another language! (See—we told you we have smart cookies here in Richmond Hill)
  14. We’re an affluent bunch too, with more than half of our households earning more than $70,000 annually.
  15. Yonge Street, which runs right through the heart of our city is the LONGEST STREET IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

We hope you had as much fun reading these fun facts about Richmond Hill as we had writing them. Stay tuned to this blog for more Richmond Hill fun facts, tips on how to live well in the city—and community information and events!

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