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5 Reasons Why Houses in Richmond Hill Retain their Value

Those who have successfully invested in Richmond Hill real estate, know the value that it offers—both as a solid investment and as an ideal home for your family and loved ones. As a successful real estate team who helps many newcomers to the area settle into Richmond Hill, we regularly express why our city is a great place for an investment and to raise a family—and we have 5 solid reasons why houses in Richmond Hill retain their value:

1. A Sense of Community

Richmond Hill has long offered a strong sense of community. From its strong church presence to tight-knit ethnic communities, our city has a strong sense of community. Aside from our strong community as a whole, some communities are tighter-knit than others—which helps explain why Home A on X street is worth more than Home B on Y street.

2. Curb Appeal

Richmond Hillians value the appearance of their homes—for their home’s value, and for own sense of home ownership pride. This sense of home pride, and the curb appeal it brings is another one of the many reasons why Richmond Hill homes retain their values so well. As with every reason why houses in Richmond Hill retain their value, some neighbourhoods have better curb appeal than others—most specifically those with long-term residents as opposed to neighbourhoods that have higher turn over.

3. Good Community Planning

Richmond Hill has a strong development program that is largely community oriented. Community and resident attendance at community-development meetings has helped sustain development in the area—and sustain and build upon home values. This no-surprise development policy has lead to steady—and steadily-increasing—home values.

4. Low Crime Rates

Our city has one of the lowest crime rates in all of the GTA, which makes it an ideal home for families, and a real estate target for those fleeing downtown for safer pastures.

5. Solid Schools

This city’s schooling system is one of the best in the province—which is yet another reason why houses in Richmond Hill retain their value.

If you’re curious whether your Richmond Hill home has retained its value—call the experts…call The Wan Team.

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