Daniel Wan—a community-oriented, highly-experienced multi-national realtor—with a heart!

Daniel Wan has been a realtor for over 25 years and a resident of Bayview Hills and Richmond Hill for equally as long. These decades in the area have turned into not only the in-depth neighbourhood needed for high-end real estate investments, but have also developed into complex community ties—both religious- and community-based. As a regular church attendee Daniel, and his wife Bonnie, have created a network of clients and friends in the community that have helped them throughout their careers—for which they feel truly blessed.

Before entering the real estate professional decades ago Daniel obtained professional degrees and training in Engineering and Accounting. Later, he went to work in engineering, finance and business administration—all of which gave him an analytical way of thinking that assists him daily. This analytical thinking aids him in analyzing real estate growth and neighbourhood projections, to turn into sound investments for his clients.

Despite overcoming several major challenges throughout his life, including an extremely modest upbringing, Daniel has turned water into wine. This includes not only a successful career with his beloved long-time wife Bonnie, but also his two beautiful, well-raised children—who are successful graduates of the esteemed Richmond Hill education system.

With an exceptional track record of success Daniel now has a multi-national client base—which is in part thanks to his fluency in both Cantonese and Mandarin (and his extensive knowledge of both communities within the Richmond Hill borders).

Daniel is thankful for his success, both as a father and husband and as a Richmond Hill realtor. He attributes his professional track record to his affinity for working with his beloved clients, coupled with his ability to realistically prepare his clients and kindly walk them through the home-buying and home-selling process.

When he isn't at his church, working, or spending time with his wife and children, Daniel can be found exercising during the fresh morning hours—and playing bridge with extended family and friends.

About Daniel

“Daniel & Bonnie Wan,   We just wanted to say thank you so much for your work in the sale of our house, 18 Clarendon Drive. The whole process ran very smoothly and was much easier and stress-free than we had ever expected it to be. Bonnie-we really appreciated your advice on the renovations and upgrades needed to make the house appealing to buyers. You were very good at representing our interests with all of the trades involved and making sure that we got the best deal available. Daniel-you were wonderful in the actual negotiation of the sale agreement. You were very calm and steady and really ensured that our interests were represented to the fullest. We also wanted to thank the staff at your office. They were always very polite, considerate of our time, and prompt in returning calls. They were also very helpful in our search for a rental property. Thank you again for all the work and effort you did for us. You are both great negotiators and would recommend your services to anyone looking for a real estate agent in the Bayview Hill area.   Kindest regards,    ”

Rex and Alex, 18 Clarendon Dr, Bayview Hill

“Bonnie & Daniel, we can't find enough compliments to say how much we appreciated your hard work in selling our Bayview Hill property for us. Your ongoing communication with us has been superb, and we felt like you were not only our real estate representative, but a close friend as well. In addition, home renovation can be a very overwhelming process for all home owners. But you two were always one step ahead and provided us with everything we needed without overwhelming us in anyways. It was so impressive seeing a coach of 30 potential home buyers came into my house for showing. This is so fascinated and incredible. We never saw any other agents selling houses like this! I believe this could only be done by your because of the years of experiences and you guys are truly the real estate pioneer of Bayview Hill. Within one week after listing, our home was sold for the price above our expectations! We would highly recommend you to anyone either selling or purchasing. You are very passionate and we have found you to be the best real estate agent we have had the please of dealing with. Thanks again for everything you guy did for us and congratulations on a job well done!”

Hector & Rosanna Cheuk - Home Owner of 88 Lytton Blvd, Bayview Hill