Buying a Home? Why Now is the Best Time

estate agent giving house keys to man and sign agreement in office

Having second thoughts if you should invest on a property now? We’re giving you some facts that will hopefully help you make a chose and take advantage of the best circumstances currently available for prospect buyers.   2018 is the Year 2017 was reported having a volatile Housing market, fortunately 2018 could be the year … Read More

Lighting 101: Making Your Home Shine

3d rendering of home interior.

Light magnifies the beauty of a home and presents a warm welcoming feeling to owners and guess. If you want to use lighting to attract interest to prospect buyers, here are some tips on how to illuminate the magnificence of your home.   Have that Danish “Hygge” Coziness The word “hygge” (pronounced “hooga”) is a … Read More

Why Timing is Everything When Selling Your Home

wooden house model on the grass in garden

There are a lot of reasons why people sell houses, and sometimes it’s not only about profit. Whatever these reasons are, sellers should always come to stop and think; when should I sell my house? We have provided some information below that would hopefully help you decide when to put your property on the market. … Read More

Home Selling 101: Fun Uplifts You Can Do

Young people improving new home together.

You’re planning to sell your house. You made sure that all necessary repairs are done and all basic structures are in place. But if you feel that something is still lacking, then you might want to do some uplifts to make more marketable. Here some techniques that you might want to try to increase the … Read More

Real Estate 101: How to Warm Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Walkway to a fresh blanket of snow on residential home during the winter holidays.

Just because its winter doesn’t mean you can’t make your property pleasing. So if you’re selling a house or just want to have something to do amid the cold days, here are some tips on how to improve the “curb appeal” of your home.   Safety is appealing. If you’re selling a house, you need … Read More

What Photos Should You Take in an Open House?

an idea with an smartphone and a modern kitchen

The whole process of house-hunting may seem very exciting but everyone who has experienced it would probably tell you to enjoy every part that you could while you still could. Why? Well, things could get really stressful fast – especially if you are in that stage where you attend open houses. And if you have … Read More

Choosing Which Bid to Accept

Notebook with the words Sell house on the table.

Sellers rejoice! It seems like prices of homes are rising and after almost a decade, it is not uncommon to have more than two offers for your property… at the same time! Now that is a problem you would happily face if you are a seller, right?   Before you get too excited and start … Read More

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Selling a home can either be challenging or manageable – it’s all up to you and the decisions you make along the way. Some homeowners make it seem as if selling a home is the hardest thing and this might be due to the fact that they are making some common mistakes when it comes … Read More

Home Renovation Nightmare: How You Can Avoid It

Miniature House With Various Drafting Items and Plans.

Are you planning to buy a house but you’re on a tight budget? Some may tell you not to get turned off by outdated and a little run-down properties. A few of them may look like a perfect location for a horror movies, but those creaky joints, old linoleum floors, and worn down windows may … Read More

Easy Moving: How It’s Done

Close up of a guy's hands holding packing machine and sealing cardboard boxes with duct tape

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving right across the street or across the country, moving in itself can be quite a duelling process. Fortunately, there are tested and proven ways that minimize stress, damage and confusion when you leave your old home for a new one.   Here are some useful tips that can … Read More