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The Best Questions a Homebuyer Can Ask

Buying a home is both a financial and emotional investment. It is easy to get wrapped up in the emotions of a new home purchase and forget about the finances. By focusing on the best questions a homebuyer can ask, you’ll be able to separate emotion from sound finances and wind up with a home … Read More

Help! Homebuyer Strategies for Quick Staging for Unexpected Showings

The kids just finished building a tent fort over the dining room table. Their toys are scattered everywhere. You’ve spent all day running and not had a chance to straighten up or clean the house. It is Murphy’s Law that this is the exact moment someone will want to look at your house. Although not … Read More

How Getting Pre-Approved Can Help You Buy the Home of Your Dreams

In an article on Bankrate, Michael Highfield, head of Mississippi State University’s Department of Finance and Economics advised that homebuyers get pre-approved before house hunting. He said, “In this competitive market, any serious buyer should pursue a preapproval from a lender in advance to beginning a home search.” Getting pre-approved can help you buy the … Read More

Fun Things to Do While Your Home Is Being Shown

You’ve decided to upgrade your home or you need to move because of a job opportunity. What do you do when the real estate agent is showing your home, especially if you have children? There are a number of things you can do when you need to give the agent time alone with buyers. Some … Read More