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A Home Of Your Own: How To Finance Your First Home

The decision to buy your first home is easily the most stressful and equally the most exciting financial decision you’ll make in your life. From semi-detached to row houses, bungalow to condo, the possibilities are endless and can keep you up at night. What shouldn’t worry you? How you’re going to pay for it. Many … Read More

Should You Renovated Before You Sell?

You’ve outgrown your home and it’s time to move on. It’s in pretty good shape, but they say a few quick fixes here and there can add zeros to the end of your asking price, but is renovating before you sell really worth the investment? It seems like a pretty cut and dry situation – … Read More

Choosing The Right Neighborhood For You

The right home is more than just a building to house your furniture and family, it’s also the neighborhood surrounding you. The house may be the perfect fit, but if your neighbors are annoying, there’s a loud and noisy highway running past your backyard or you have to drive half in hour in every direction … Read More