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How To Prep A Vacant House For Winter

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How To Prep A Vacant House For Winter There are so many things to think about when selling a home, we can forgive you forgetting to worry about how the dwelling will fare if left empty over the winter months. Left unchecked and unoccupied, a building can suffer serious damage when the weather turns from … Read More

Innovative Ways To Save Money When Renovating

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Whether your renovating for an upcoming sale or just to make your life a little easier, no matter how you slice it, a home renovation is going to cost you. How much, however, is totally up to you. You’ve got to do a little legwork when you’re looking to get more bang for your buck, … Read More

A Few Things To Know Before Becoming A Landlord

things to know before becoming a landlord - the right wans

The dream of investing in and owning a rental property can bring dollar signs to your eyes – a source of income that requires little work and can help you pay down that 25 year mortgage. What’s not to love? Being a landlord isn’t all money for nothing, however. After the initial investment that will … Read More

Trick Or Treat – Keep Your Sale Property Safe This Halloween

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This time of year, we all have the treat thing covered. Kids have been busy dreaming up crazy elaborate costume ideas and parents are loading up on candy, candy, and more candy. But don’t forget, this night is as much about the tricksters as it is about the sugar rush, and not every “trick” is … Read More

Protect Your Trees From The Emerald Ash Borer

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Southern Ontario trees remain in jeopardy form an invasive insect, the Emerald Ash Borer. While Barrie streets are seeming a little more barren lately as the city takes proactive measures against this destructive little beetle, homeowners in the Richmond Hill area should consider how to protect their own precious foliage. Here’s what you need to … Read More