Monthly Archives: March 2016

How to Throw the Best Open House

An open house is the best time for you to get to know prospective buyers and showcase your home’s best assets. This is the time where you allow them to walk into your home to a have a peek of what life could be if they live in your home. Most sellers do not put … Read More

How to Negotiate for Your Dream Home

Like any homebuyer on the hunt for their dream house, we know how important it is for you to get the best deal out there. When it comes to any real estate transaction, negotiating is key. Due to listings being easily accessible online, most buyers think it is much easier for them to negotiate on … Read More

How to Talk to Potential Buyers

Negotiating is an intricate process that must be done with careful consideration to the needs of the buyer. Negotiating is never easy – especially for those selling a property for the first time. When done right, talking to a prospective buyer opens a whole lot of opportunities for sellers like yourself. Make sure to take … Read More

How to Choose the Right Neighbourhood for You and Your Family

A dream home is nothing if it’s not in the right neighbourhood. Selecting the right neighbourhood can be just as daunting as finding the home of your dreams. But fret not, because we have come up with some of important pointers to help you choose the right neighbourhood for you and your loved ones. If … Read More

How to Highlight Your Outdoor Living Space

Now that spring is officially here, homeowners everywhere have the luxury to make the most out of their outdoor living spaces. Spring is the time of the year when we can enjoy the sun and the warm breeze of the great outdoors – do not waste this precious time cooped up inside your home! Here … Read More