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Questions Home Sellers Should Be Careful Of

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When sellers say they are excited to show their homes to prospective buyers and their agents, it doesn’t excite us. It’s never easy to tell sellers that it is unwise for them to talk to buyers and buyer’s agents. In fact, most of the time, it means nothing but trouble. Although unintentional, sellers often say … Read More

Early Buyer Possession – Is It Safe for You as a Seller?

Realtor Showing Young Family Around Property For Sale

Possession of a real estate property transfers from seller to the buyer upon closing. However, there are some cases wherein the buyer asks the seller to grant him or her possession even before closing. This is usually the case when the buyer’s apartment lease has ended or has already sold their current home and needs … Read More

Your Guide to Buying a Home with a Yard

Manicured House and Garden displaying annual and perennial gardens in full bloom.

If you are moving from a condo or an apartment, the idea of getting a house with a yard can both be exciting and overwhelming. You are probably looking forward to getting a grill and perhaps a fire pit and hosting barbeques. Or you are probably worrying about the upkeep of such a large space. … Read More

How to Deal with Costly Tenant Turnovers

Rental agreement form with signing hand and pen.

If you own a rental property, whether that’s a single unit or a hundred, you won’t be able to escape a turnover. A turnover is when your current tenant moves out and the next one moves in, with or without time in between. For most rental owners, it can be a huge operating expense – … Read More

Mortgage Fraud: How Can You Avoid It?

Fraud Concept. Magnifying Glass on Old Paper with Red Vertical Line Background.

Most mortgage applications push through without any problems and this is a fact. There are some lenders and borrowers, however, who commit fraud just to make things more favourable for them. Although it might seem harmless at first, mortgage fraud can easily turn into a more complex matter later on. Lenders cannot just easily commit … Read More