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Tips for Making a Room Appear Larger

When potential buyers are looking at a home, they want to see a large space. Small, cramped quarters are a definite turn-off. While you can’t increase the floor space in your home, there are some strategies you can use for making a room appear larger. Tips for Making a Room Appear Larger • In all … Read More

How To Keep a Home Renovation Project On Budget

Once you move into your new home, no doubt you’ll have some ideas about some things you’ll want to do to make it your own. With so many television programs, magazines and websites devoted to how to tackle a home renovation project, there is plenty of inspiration available. Staying on budget can be a challenge … Read More

The Right Wans: Some Of Our Highest Sold Homes…EVER

During our careers as real estate professionals, we have had the privilege to sell some luxurious homes in Bayview Hill. We’re going to take a look back at some of our highest sold homes.…ever. 16 Alessia Crt, Richmond Hill, Ontario This stunning 6,200 square-foot, custom home sold for $3 million.Built by Nastasi, it sits on … Read More

Realtors in Richmond Hill: How to Choose

Choosing Realtors in Richmond Hill can be as difficult as selecting your new home. To help demystify the process we’ve put together some of the top qualities that you should look for in Realtors in Richmond Hill—and then outlined why the Wan Team possesses all the qualities you could ever want, and more! When choosing … Read More

5 Reasons Why Houses in Richmond Hill Retain their Value

Those who have successfully invested in Richmond Hill real estate, know the value that it offers—both as a solid investment and as an ideal home for your family and loved ones. As a successful real estate team who helps many newcomers to the area settle into Richmond Hill, we regularly express why our city is … Read More

What to Look for in Homes in Richmond Hill

The Richmond Hill real estate market is a complex, living organism. Homes in Richmond Hill change monthly and yearly, thanks to its unique position in the market. With just over 60,000 homes available and a growth rate at 14%, its homes have steadily raising prices that make solid investments. These investments however are large investments, … Read More

CMHC Makes Buying Energy Efficient Homes More Affordable

When you are looking for a home, how important is it that the property be energy efficient? It should be a factor on your list of “must haves,”since an energy-efficient home will be much more economical to run once you move in. It’s always a good idea to ask about the home’s construction and any … Read More

Toronto Named One of the Top Housing Markets in North America

After a particularly long winter, we are finally seeing spring in Toronto. The temperatures may have been cold over the past few months, but the housing market has been nothing short of hot. The average price jumped by nine percent in February and sales increased by 2.1 percent from 12 months ago. Canadians are responding … Read More

Is Condo Living an Alternative to Single Family Home?

Are you in the market in for a home in the GTA this year? If you have decided that 2014 is when you will take the plunge and turn from a renter into a buyer, how do you picture your first home? Many people see themselves living in a single family home, but you may … Read More