Home Selling 101: Fun Uplifts You Can Do

Young people improving new home together.

You’re planning to sell your house. You made sure that all necessary repairs are done and all basic structures are in place. But if you feel that something is still lacking, then you might want to do some uplifts to make more marketable. Here some techniques that you might want to try to increase the chances of your home getting sold.


Kitchen Design Trends

“Mixing metal”s is a favourite kitchen design trend for 2017. It reflects a more individual, less formal approach to design that is popular with millennials and non-millennials alike. While it takes a bit of an expert eye, it is totally appropriate to mix metal finishes in your faucet, cabinet pulls, chair legs and pendants. While “white kitchens” will never go out of style, we’re seeing a move towards warmer materials and a less utilitarian or expected approach. Working with a cohesive colour palette and materials to achieve a sense of unity with adjacent spaces provides a connection with interior elements such as furniture, lighting and decorative details, leaving the kitchen with all the importance of function yet all the style to go along with the rest of your home. In 2017, we will continue to see cabinetry painted white and various shades of grey. Cabinetry painted warmer tones such as grey & beige, taupe and mushroom and islands in a different colour or stain than the perimeter cabinetry will continue to be prevalent. In addition, handcrafted islands that look like furniture with legs will be popular for that unfitted kitchen look. It also adds personality and charm and the kitchen then looks like it has evolved over time. Quartz as a counter will continue to be popular as consumers become aware of its benefits.


Fresh New Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard

Try adding a vine-covered arbor overhead on your lawn as it gives the outdoor space an ethereal feel. Topiaries are a staple of New England landscaping. They’re especially fitting in colorful gardens. Give old items a second life as garden structures or planters like freshly painted old turned into a garden signage stand. You may install aquifers to add remarkable water features in ponds. Flower beds and hanging flower pots are never outdated. Plant some Lavender that comes in beautiful hues.


Gleaming Bathrooms

Transform your washroom into a tiled modern bathroom by mixing cobalt blue tiles with black and white marble in the master bath. You can also have the counter and window surrounded by Statuary White marble and the floors with hexagonal tiles. You may put a natural tone drawing or painting beside the washroom mirrors to add a touch of elegance. And finally, you can use natural light to fill the master bath by having a large window facing the sun rise to complete that warm bath in the morning.


Spicing you home designs with these recommendations may help attract prospect buyers and eventually a good value on the market.

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