Lighting 101: Making Your Home Shine

3d rendering of home interior.

Light magnifies the beauty of a home and presents a warm welcoming feeling to owners and guess. If you want to use lighting to attract interest to prospect buyers, here are some tips on how to illuminate the magnificence of your home.


Have that Danish “Hygge” Coziness

The word “hygge” (pronounced “hooga”) is a Danish concept of cozy living which gives emphasis on the importance of lighting. Here are some Scandinavian lighting styles to apply a comfy and relaxed atmosphere in your home.


  • Candle Lights

Candles look elegant when placed appropriately with very minimal cost. Use jars or vessels, with pillar candles embedded in sand, rock salt, pebbles or other fire-safe materials. Use LED candles made of wax as it provides that warm flickering candle like glow without the hazards of starting a fire. LED candles are great both for indoor and outdoor lighting like hallways, staircases, windows


  • Use Floor and Table Lamps

Decorative and functional, that’s how to describe table and floor lamps. Selecting the right piece to complement the rest of the room is vital when choosing lamps. For modern or contemporary look, envision simple and streamlined lamps. Slim bases and drum-shaped shades can augment height and drama to a space without overpowering its other decor.


  • Fairy Lights is the New Thing

This lighting approach brings magic and romance in the air and it can be installed both indoors and outdoors. You can make DIY winter-themed terrariums by picking-up a few apothecary jars and fill them with fake snow, LED lights, vintage figurines and bottlebrush trees. Traditionally, Fairy Lights make any ceiling in your house more magical in less than 15 minutes, thanks to multiple strands of fairy lights. Lastly, you can wrap your dining room chandelier with a generous amount of fairy lights for an illuminating evening update.


  • Wood and Natural Fibers for that Organic Look

Wicker, rattan, and bamboo have been a part of interior home design and are usually relegated to home furniture. Natural fiber, on the other hand has made its way into the home in a different lighting designs like pendant lamps. These pieces are surprisingly versatile, working in traditional, modern, and bohemian rooms. They provide an easy way to add texture and architectural interest to any space.


Outdoor Lighting

Exterior lighting is important equally as the interior lighting. It should be properly and functional, to provide relaxing atmosphere, and in the same time safety and fun. The lighting have big impact too the whole look of your garden and patio.


  • Solar lights

Outdoor solar lights are a great way to add light to your yard. Because they are powered by the sun, they require no wiring expertise, making them a simple solution for first-timers. With solar path lights for instance, you can line the walkway to your front door in less than an hour. Simply plant them into the ground lining the path and enjoy.


  • Landscape Lighting

If you wish to highlight a single item in your garden like a statue, gazing ball or fountain, you should consider using a few landscape lighting fixtures with lower intensity bulbs. Place these at various angles and distances. A single bright light shining directly on the object will create harsh shadows. Landscape lights that make soft spots of light are good for garden paths. Space the lights at equal distances along the path you want illuminated. Blue tinted lights allow for a moonlight-type mood in your garden landscape.


Well-planned indoor and outdoor lighting is essential to curb appeal. The right combination of lighting fixtures highlights architecture and showcases landscaping, creating an appealing and welcoming sight to both passersby and guests alike.

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