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Construction 101: Different Strokes for Different Folks

Construction concept. blueprint, level and rulers, closeup

Are you planning of remodeling or renovating your house but you’re not sure what design will fit you and your lifestyle? And if you’re a contractor, how would you know which best design will appeal to your customers? Well we’ve listed things that you should consider before going to the drawing boards and moving on … Read More

Lighting 101: Making Your Home Shine

3d rendering of home interior.

Light magnifies the beauty of a home and presents a warm welcoming feeling to owners and guess. If you want to use lighting to attract interest to prospect buyers, here are some tips on how to illuminate the magnificence of your home.   Have that Danish “Hygge” Coziness The word “hygge” (pronounced “hooga”) is a … Read More

Home Renovation Nightmare: How You Can Avoid It

Miniature House With Various Drafting Items and Plans.

Are you planning to buy a house but you’re on a tight budget? Some may tell you not to get turned off by outdated and a little run-down properties. A few of them may look like a perfect location for a horror movies, but those creaky joints, old linoleum floors, and worn down windows may … Read More

Should You Move or Should You Renovate?

Paper house on cracked earth, crisis concept

You come home from work, wanting nothing but to be able to relax with a good cup of coffee only to find that there is no area in your home where you can even do that. You look at the chaos that was once your beautiful home when you suddenly realize that it no longer … Read More

The 5 Best Home Improvements that Add Value

Female hands framing custom kitchen design. Combination drawing and photo.

When thinking about home remodeling projects, it is very easy to get ahead of yourself and want things that are not that important. Before you go about spending more than your wallet can handle, take a pause and consider some factors that might change your decisions.   Not all remodeling projects are equal. There are … Read More

Top 4 Problems Missed By Home Inspections

Image of beautiful new single family home

If you are looking to buy a property for your family, you probably visit a house you like, take a peek inside the rooms, check the bathroom, see if the kitchen is big enough, and that’s it. Like everybody else, you rely on the home inspection to deliver thorough work because that is what it … Read More

How To Keep a Home Renovation Project On Budget

Once you move into your new home, no doubt you’ll have some ideas about some things you’ll want to do to make it your own. With so many television programs, magazines and websites devoted to how to tackle a home renovation project, there is plenty of inspiration available. Staying on budget can be a challenge … Read More

What To Keep In Mind During Your Spring Renovation Project

Spring is a popular time for people to undertake renovation projects on their homes. It’s probably not a coincidence that it’s also tax refund time as well. Many homeowners use some or all of their windfall to finance one or more home improvement projects. If you are thinking about selling your home, you may want … Read More