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What Photos Should You Take in an Open House?

an idea with an smartphone and a modern kitchen

The whole process of house-hunting may seem very exciting but everyone who has experienced it would probably tell you to enjoy every part that you could while you still could. Why? Well, things could get really stressful fast – especially if you are in that stage where you attend open houses. And if you have … Read More

Spring Décor Ideas for Your Home

Close up of a decorative white wooden boards wall with a nice shelves made of ropes and wooden boards and a lantern and tin can with herbs placed on it

Are you ready for spring? There is no better way to welcome this loved season than to freshen up your home décor! So, break out of that winter rut! What are you waiting for? Update your home for sunnier days!   Here are some creative yet simple ideas on how you can do just that: … Read More

Awesome Décor to Make Your Home Sell Faster

Modern wooden coffee table and cozy sofa with pillows. Living room interior and home decor concept. Toned image

Do you know what can help you sell your home quickly and at the best price? The answer is simple: successful staging. If you are planning to put your home on the market, regardless of the season, it goes without saying that you are hoping to sell it as quickly as possible, right?   Here … Read More

Staging Your Home for the Holidays

Christmas decorated front porch

The holiday season, contrary to popular belief, is actually a great time to sell your home. Why? People who often do not have time off normally do during this time. Some buyers also know that there are great places out there, too. Also, children are also out of school so their parents can gauge their … Read More

Trick or Treat Your Way to a Successful Viewing

Vintage orange armchair near the fireplace

Halloween is right around the corner. And we believe it is the right time you learn how to trick or treat your way to a successful viewing this holiday season. Naturally, we want to give our prospective buyers some ‘treats” when it comes to showing our properties. But while we do not in any way … Read More

Stage Your Home for Less!

Rendering of a Blue elegant interior with purple sofa and flowers

When selling a home, appearance is a major factor. That is why most homeowners and agents swear by home staging. We want our house to look like it is well-designed yet comfy. However, getting the services of a professional stager could cost quite a lot, and frankly not everyone has extra cash for that.   … Read More

Home Staging Tips for Winter

Winter can be a challenging time to sell your house. Some prospective buyers might be away for the holidays and the cold weather definitely makes house hunting less appealing. However, the fact that there will be less houses and properties on the market might mean more chance for yours to be more noticed. In order … Read More

How to Sell Your Home FAST

The long waiting game in the real estate market is enough to turn any patient seller antsy. There are simply endless questions and stream of potential buyers to go through before you find one who is ready to make an offer. We know how hard it is to get a home sold in your desired … Read More

Winter Home Staging Tips

When it comes to staging your home for winter, you can never go wrong with giving key spaces a cosier and homier feel. Home staging is all about the overall appeal – not just visual aesthetics. Playing around with warm lighting and the overall mood of your home can increase your chances of selling the … Read More

Our 5 Favourite Tips For Staging Your Home

You may love the interior decorating in your home – you should, you chose it! But as modern or trendy as your accents and style might be, a potential buyer may not see in the same light. The good news is, simple changes, subtractions and additions can mean the difference between multiple walkouts and multiple … Read More