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Home Renovation Nightmare: How You Can Avoid It

Miniature House With Various Drafting Items and Plans.

Are you planning to buy a house but you’re on a tight budget? Some may tell you not to get turned off by outdated and a little run-down properties. A few of them may look like a perfect location for a horror movies, but those creaky joints, old linoleum floors, and worn down windows may … Read More

Condo or House?: The Pros and Cons

Young couple moving in into new apartment

Most of the time, buyers are often confused whether it’s best for them to buy a condo unit or a traditional house. Housing type is certainly one of the most important decisions you have to make. Not only will you be investing a lot of money into it, also, you will be living in it … Read More

What Styles of Homes Do Millennials Want?

interior design designer planning architecture drawing architect business plan construction sketch concept house illustration creative concept - stock image

If you want to know what styles of homes millennials are into, it’s probably easier to first look at what they do not want to buy. For instance, the 1980s is a decade most millennials don’t really like, and homes from around that time are not exempted from their raised eyebrows. Some of the elements … Read More

Richmond Hill: A Rich History

Richmond Hill is steeped in a rich history that should make Richmond Hillians be proud of their home. Our city’s rich tapestry began to develop in the year 1796… Our City: The Humble Origins The first settlers in Richmond Hill were British and French immigrants, a mixture of United Empire Loyalists and French Royalists, who … Read More

Green Homes in Richmond Hill: How to Lower your Heating Bill

Green homes in Richmond Hill don’t just offer homeowners an excellent way to raise their home’s value—they also get to be eco-chic AND lower their heating bills. Whether you’re looking into greater energy-savings and energy efficiency in order to lower your heating bill, to lower your eco-footprint or to be able to brand your home … Read More