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What You Can Expect from a Buyer’s Agent

What You Can Expect from a Buyer’s Agent

It’s no surprise that a lot of home buyers hire a real estate agent to help them with their house-hunting journey. Without a seasoned real estate agent, you can expect that it will take you a while to finally get the keys to a new home (that is if you’ll ever get through the whole … Read More

Real Estate Agents and How They Can Help You Sell

Real Estate agents handing key to client

There are people nowadays who choose to sell their houses and properties by themselves; without the help of experienced real estate agents. Their reason? They can save more money on commission rates that most agents demand. However, is flying solo really the best option for you? Especially for first time home sellers, it is not … Read More

Your Duties to Your Agent for a Productive Partnership

Handshakes with customer after contract signature

Whoever said buying a real estate property is easy has never bought one.  If you ask anyone who had been down this road before, it probably even seemed impossible at the time. Majority would swear, they feel like they were only able to do so, thanks to their very reliable real estate agent. Now if … Read More

Questions You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Ask Your Agent


If you are planning on buying or selling a property, you must be planning to hire a professional to work with as well. The thing is, there are plenty of real estate professionals to choose from. It’s very easy to get referrals from family, friends, and neighbours. However, it’s important to not choose someone whom … Read More

When is the Best Time of Year to Sell your Home?

Many people are wondering if there is a particular time of the year when they should be putting their house on the market. If you were to ask a typical homeowner about timing to get a good price for a property, you would probably hear that spring is a good time to put your house … Read More

4 Secrets to Selling your Home Quickly

As a homeowner, once you have made the decision that you want to sell your house, the last thing you want is to see it sit on the market for a long time with not so much as a single offer. The best time to get the price you want is shortly after your house … Read More

Home Improvement Fails You Should Probably Avoid

When it’s time to sell your home, it is naturally to look around and try to figure out what needs updated and which improvements might make your home sell more quickly or for more money. Home improvement shows make it look easy, after all. However, there are some home improvement fails you should probably avoid … Read More

Tips for Picking the Right Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agent to represent you is a big decision. Whether you are buying or selling a home, you are entering into a business relationship with this person or team that will you see you through one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. Gaining a few tips for picking the right real … Read More

5 Quick Things to Get Your Home Ready for Showings

You only have one chance to make an excellent first impression on a potential home buyer. Unfortunately, you don’t always have a lot of advance notice when someone is coming to look at your house. However, there are 5 quick things you can do to get your home ready for showings. 1. Gather Up Any … Read More

A Simple Solution to Get Rid of Those Boring Builder’s Grade Oak Cabinets Without Spending a Fortune

Are you over those boring builder’s grade oak cabinets, but the thought of spending a fortune on new ones makes you cringe? There is a simple solution, if you’re brave enough to give it a shot. Many online bloggers have reported excellent results with a simple and inexpensive product called General Finishes Java gel stain. … Read More