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Common Real Estate Terms You Should Know

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Before you start the whole home buying process, having a basic understanding of basic real estate concepts will give you peace of mind and can also save you a fortune in the future. We have gathered ten real estate terms that you should know before you start looking for your new home:   Buyer’s/Listing Agent … Read More

Why Your House Isn’t Selling

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and Beautiful New House.

Has your home been sitting idle in the market for quite some time now? It’s time to take action and get to the root of the problem! If your home is one of those properties that has been on the listing for months or even years without an offer, there really is something wrong. There … Read More

Your Duties to Your Agent for a Productive Partnership

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Whoever said buying a real estate property is easy has never bought one.  If you ask anyone who had been down this road before, it probably even seemed impossible at the time. Majority would swear, they feel like they were only able to do so, thanks to their very reliable real estate agent. Now if … Read More