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Make Your Home Safe and Secure

Young brunette woman entering code on keypad of home security alarm. Video intercom next to alarm keypad.

When you ask homebuyers, most will tell you that neighbourhood security is one of the top two priorities, second only to finding an affordable price. About 76% of homebuyers say that neighbourhood security is extremely important when they look for a new house to purchase and live in. Most homebuyers also believe it’s very important … Read More

Spring: The Best Time to Sell a House?

new private house with a garden in rural area under beautiful sky

Is it really true that there is a ‘BEST TIME’ to put one’s home on the market?   Here are some facts for you:   Canadians, in general, like to move during the spring, summer and fall, because the traveling conditions, weather, and daylight are best suited for moving. Since most real estate transactions have … Read More

How to Sell Your Home in the Colder Months

Young female realator opening front door of home

Fall real estate market may not be as hot as summer’s but whoever thinks selling a house in this colder season is a bad idea has no idea what he or she is missing. Selling your house in autumn or fall could be the best thing you can do, depending on how you are set … Read More

Selling A House Where Pets Live

selling a home where pets live - the right wans

Your love your four legged friends like family, treat them the same. They can destroy your house like family too, and unfortunately, not everyone finds the antics (or aromas) of your fur children adorable, which can be pretty problematic when you’re trying to sell your house. While pets bring many people a lifetime of joy, … Read More

How To Host An Open House

How To Host An Open House - The Right Wans

When selling your home, every little thing you do counts, and hosting an open house is a great way to get people in the door. Once your house has been cleaned (preferably by a professional) staged, and priced right, you can set up an open house. Here are a few tips to getting it right … Read More

Our 5 Favourite Tips For Staging Your Home

You may love the interior decorating in your home – you should, you chose it! But as modern or trendy as your accents and style might be, a potential buyer may not see in the same light. The good news is, simple changes, subtractions and additions can mean the difference between multiple walkouts and multiple … Read More

Should You Renovated Before You Sell?

You’ve outgrown your home and it’s time to move on. It’s in pretty good shape, but they say a few quick fixes here and there can add zeros to the end of your asking price, but is renovating before you sell really worth the investment? It seems like a pretty cut and dry situation – … Read More

How You Can Sweeten The Pot To Sell Your Home

You’ve done all the right things to get your home ready for sale. You’ve cleaned it until it shines, cleared out all the clutter and removed anything that even hints of a personal touch. Any excess furniture has been removed or stored, and you’ve repositioned what is left to stage your home in an attractive … Read More