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Factors to Consider When Selling Your Home This Winter

House in countryside after heavy snowfall. Moscow region. Russia.

Some real estate professionals state that selling homes during the colder months can be quite a challenge. However, experienced real estate professionals like Daniel and Bonnie Wan will tell you that no matter what the season is, there are strategies that can help you sell your house.   If you are planning on selling your … Read More

Home Staging Tips for Winter

Winter can be a challenging time to sell your house. Some prospective buyers might be away for the holidays and the cold weather definitely makes house hunting less appealing. However, the fact that there will be less houses and properties on the market might mean more chance for yours to be more noticed. In order … Read More

Winter Home Staging Tips

When it comes to staging your home for winter, you can never go wrong with giving key spaces a cosier and homier feel. Home staging is all about the overall appeal – not just visual aesthetics. Playing around with warm lighting and the overall mood of your home can increase your chances of selling the … Read More

How To Prep A Vacant House For Winter

prep unoccupied house for winter - right wans

How To Prep A Vacant House For Winter There are so many things to think about when selling a home, we can forgive you forgetting to worry about how the dwelling will fare if left empty over the winter months. Left unchecked and unoccupied, a building can suffer serious damage when the weather turns from … Read More