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Home inspector looking for possible problems for a potential buyer, looking for needed repairs

Choosing the Right Home Inspector

You may be buying your first home or selling your old one. Either way, you are going to need the service of a home inspector. Not all people are aware of just how important home inspection is for the whole real estate process.


If you are selling, having a home inspection will show you what needs to be fixed before putting your property up for sale. This eliminates long negotiations and haggling with potential buyers over your house’s price.


If you are buying, on the other hand, a home inspector will point out to you some problems that you might have overlooked. In most cases, these inspection discoveries make a prospective buyer rethink the idea of actually purchasing a property.


Since home inspection is a crucial part of the home buying and selling process, it is then equally important that you find the right person to do the job. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when looking for a home inspector:


  • Ask your relatives, colleagues, and friends if there is someone they can recommend. There is very little chance that people you trust would recommend someone whose work ethics and skills they do not believe in. They will refer someone they have worked with before and whose service they were impressed with.


  • Once you have found prospective inspectors, interview them thoroughly. Know about their backgrounds, the type of report they do, how long they have been in the business, and of course, some references.


  • Choose someone who specializes in the specific type of home that you are thinking of buying or selling. Homes are built with different materials in different manners, so there are varying signs and risks to look out for, too.


  • Find one who is not affiliated with the real estate agent or agency that is in charge of selling the property. An inspector should work independently and should be able to provide objective reports.


  • It is better to find a home inspector before you start looking for a house, if possible. When you are already in the middle of a negotiation, there is a likelihood that you will get pressured and just hire the first inspector you meet. This is never a good idea.


Everyone in the process of buying or selling a house should definitely understand the weight of a thoroughly-done home inspection. We do hope these tips will help you find a professional who can deliver thorough, and comprehensive reports to you.





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