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Curb Appeal 101: The Fall Dos and Don’ts of a Beautiful Yard

Creating curb appeal in the fall can be a challenge. Many of summer’s beautiful flowers have faded away and the trees are beginning to lose their foliage. However, with a  bit of creativity, you can still have a house that looks as beautiful on the outside as it does on the inside. Here are some fall dos and don’ts of a beautiful yard.

Fall Dos for a Beautiful Yard

  • Keep an eye on the lawn. Even though the heavy growing season of summer is past, the grass may still need trimmed from time to time. Make sure it is not too tall.
  • Keep leaves raked. No one wants to look at a house and think about all the leaves he’ll have to rake every fall. Keep leaves raked and removed, especially before someone comes to look at it, but remember that they can do a drive-by viewing at any time.
  • Add visual appeal to the front porch. A planter with some fall flowers, such as brightly colored mums, painted pumpkins and brightly colored pillows on your front porch chairs can all add interest and beautify the front of your home.

Fall Donts for Curb Appeal

  • Don’t forget to prune the shrubs and trees. Not only should you shape up trees and shrubs at the end of their growing season anyway, but doing so keeps things looking neat and well-kept.
  • Don’t skimp on lighting. Having landscape lights and spotlights on features you want to highlight can make your house look beautiful day and night. If you have a fall display in your front flower bed, then place a solar spotlight on it to light it up in the dark.
  • Don’t overdo holiday decorations. While a few pumpkins can beautiful the outside of your home, too many themed decorations can make your home look tacky instead of classy. Limit the number of decorations and keep them holiday-neutral. Think autumn décor rather than holiday décor.

Take the time to go across the street and view your home through impartial eyes. Is there anything that looks messy? Could anything be improved? Where could color be added for visual appeal? By looking at your house through the eyes of others, you can quickly spot any flaws and work to improve them.

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