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Easy Moving: How It’s Done

It doesn’t matter whether you are moving right across the street or across the country, moving in itself can be quite a duelling process. Fortunately, there are tested and proven ways that minimize stress, damage and confusion when you leave your old home for a new one.


Here are some useful tips that can make your move easier:


1 – Friends vs. Professionals: Make advance arrangements.

Whether your friends will help you move or you decide to hire professionals, make sure to make arrangements a few weeks before your actual move. You do not want to have any trouble with rental trucks or even arranging for short-term storage.


2 – Moving containers are a great option.

Moving containers are big crates you can fill with your stuff. On the day of your move, the entire container is picked up by a truck and taken to your new home. If you have enough room outside your current home or apartment to store a large container as you pack it up, this can be a convenience.


3 – Pack in advance.

Never wait until the last minute to pack – unless you want chaos in your life. You can start with the little things – decorative and seasonal items. Later on, you can pack your ‘must-haves’, saving them for the very end.


4 – Sell or donate unused things (clothes, household items).

Moving is the best time to “clean house” and you can do this by staging a garage sale. You can also put rarely-used items for sale online or you can even make donations to your favourite charities. Not only will you have less things to bring with you to your new home, but you will also have some extra cash in hand!


5 – Clothes are great for wrapping fragile items.

Bubble wraps are expensive. You can instead use your clothes to wrap dishes and other fragile items. Glassware can even be put inside clean socks.


6 – Plates should be stacked on their edges.

When it comes to packing dishes in a box, place them vertically like vinyl records. There’s less chances for them breaking that way.


7 – Pack each box solidly.

Packed boxes should not rattle and items should not shift inside. You also have to make sure that each box is sealed tightly.


8 – Mark by location.

When packing, it is wise to put all kitchen items together. The same goes for your living room, bedroom, and dining room items. You can either mark each box or use different colour tape to colour-code destinations.


9 – Keep important papers with you.

If you have documents such as legal papers, passports, and others, make sure you put them in a single envelope and carry it when you move.


10 – Take shots of the backs of your electronics.

Re-wiring computers, sound systems, and televisions can be made a lot easier if you have a photo guide to show you which plugs go where.


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