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Fire Safety Tips for New Homes

Having your property destroyed by a fire can be ultimately devastating. Each year, there are thousands of houses burned to the ground and countless families lose their homes. This is why we strongly believe that every household should take necessary precautions to keep them and their homes safe from fire.


We have rounded up some tips that can help you:



Before moving in, ensure that there is at least one smoke alarm on each level of your property. If possible, you can also have the alarms interlinked all throughout the house. Should there be a fire emergency, each and everyone in your house would be warned.



Heating systems, appliances, and other electronics should be used with great caution. For instance, a heater should not be placed near curtains, furniture, or carpet as these can easily burn. Heaters must be placed three feet away from anything that can easily catch fire. Electrical sockets should not be overloaded, too. Appliances and chargers that are not in use should be kept unplugged. It is best to have your electrical wires checked regularly to make sure that there are no exposed wirings.



If there’s a need for you to use candles, ensure that they are placed in stable heat-resistant holders. Just like heaters, they should be nowhere near any curtains, furniture, and clothing. Never ever leave a lighted candle unattended. If you have kids at home, make sure that candles, lighters, and matches alike are far from their reach so they will not be able to play with them.



If anyone in your household smokes cigarettes inside the house, make sure to warn them not to do it on the bed or while sitting on furniture, especially when they feel sleepy. Any cigarette or pipe should not be left unattended. Invest in deep ashtrays as those prevent cigarettes from rolling out.



Most fires start in the kitchen. It is highly advisable to have a heat alarm placed in this area of your home for added protection. When you are cooking, it is not a good idea to leave your pots and pans unattended. If you feel tired, sleepy, or if you have been drinking alcoholic drinks, you might want to put off cooking until you are fully alert and focused.



Before sleeping or if you are going to leave your home, make it a habit of switching off or unplugging all your appliances – leaving only the essentials on (like the fridge). When sleeping, avoid charging your electronic devices. All doors should be closed to prevent the spreading of fire in case one occurs.

There are various factors that may start a fire and some are beyond our control. However, there have been a lot of instances that fires could have been avoided if only necessary precautions were taken. Make sure you do your part!


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