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Five High End Updates on a Low End Budget

Decorating on a budget may seem a bit daunting, but if you give the matter some thought and use items you have, you can make your home look attractive without spending a fortune. It is possible to make high end updates on a low end budget without anyone being the wiser. Here are a few ideas to consider.

High End Updates on a Low End Budget for your Home

  1. Get Rid of the Clutter

If you have seen images of high-end hotel rooms other spaces, one thing that you notice about them is the distinct lack of clutter. Accessories are kept simple and they coordinate with the colours and theme of the room.

2. Freshen up a Room with Paint

Painting a room is an inexpensive way to give it a lift and improve its appearance without spending a lot of money. Stick to a neutral tone; it will give your room the illusion of being larger and more spacious than it is and create a good backdrop for your furniture and accessories.

3. Add Large Decorative Accessories

Do you want to make a big impact in a room? Add one large painting or mirror instead of more than one smaller piece.

4. Paint your Kitchen Cabinets

Do you have dark-coloured kitchen cabinets or you just aren’t happy with the way they look? Give them an entirely new look with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. You’ll look as though you have replaced your cabinets for a fraction of the cost.

5. Display Fresh Flowers

Flowers can give any home a lift, and you don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive variety to do it. Stop by your local grocery store and buy a bunch of blooms that catches your eye. Bring them home and put them on display in an interesting container. You’ll immediately draw the eye anywhere they are placed to create an immediate focal point in the room.

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