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Green Homes: Evergreen Strategies to Make Richmond Hill Greener—from your Community Green Partner

Here at The Wan Team we believe that the real estate industry and community should be partners in greening the environment we live in—which is why we guide our customers in making the conscious decision to purchase green homes. We’re your green real estate community green partner.

We act as a community green partner by advising our clients on the value of purchasing of green homes and in upgrading their existing or new home to become a green home, by using less energy and creating less environmental degradation.

Our Evergreen Strategies for Green Homes in Richmond Hill
When we consult with our customers to look for green home qualities, or upgrades they can make to add extra eco-value to their home—we look for the following high-value green features…

1. Energy-Efficient Appliances
When you buy a home that comes with appliances, or when you buy new appliances for your new home—look for energy-efficient ones. This is easy to spot as you simply look for the Energy Star label, which signifies that they’re energy-efficient. These green appliances will put more ‘green’ back in your wallet as they can save you up to $150 per year in your energy bill. If you can’t afford all eco-friendly appliances immediately—then opt for the fridge, as it uses more energy than the rest, combined.

2. Think in Degrees
Did you know that every degree you don’t raise your thermostat over 20°C translates into between 3-5% energy savings. By purchasing and installing a programmable thermostat you can lower your temperatures during hours you’re not at home—like when you’re at work, which can save hundreds (or thousands if you go to the extreme) of dollars every year.

3. Low-Flow
Owning a home with low-flow shower heads, toilets and taps makes a huge dent in your eco footprint. Low-flow products can cut your water consumption in half. For even further savings you can always take shorter showers, turn off the tap while you brush your teeth and water your lawn in the cool evening hours will all supercharge your water conservation.

4. Eco-Friendly Flooring
THE most eco-friendly flooring option is bamboo as it is quick growing (it takes just 4-6 years to mature instead of the 50+ years for trees) and can therefore be harvested without damaging the eco system. It also offer exceptional insulation which can help your home’s energy efficiency.

5. Energy-Efficient Windows
Windows can lose more heat and air conditioning than any other element in your home, which makes them a huge factor in how ‘green’ your home is.

For green homes in Richmond Hill—or for more evergreen strategies to make your home, and our community greener,—work with The Wan Team.

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