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Help! Homebuyer Strategies for Quick Staging for Unexpected Showings

The kids just finished building a tent fort over the dining room table. Their toys are scattered everywhere. You’ve spent all day running and not had a chance to straighten up or clean the house. It is Murphy’s Law that this is the exact moment someone will want to look at your house. Although not ideal, there are times when you must do a quick stash and dash and make your home as presentable as possible as quickly as possible. There are a few must know homebuyer strategies for quick staging for unexpected showings.

1. Gather up All Clutter

Everyone in the house should grab a laundry basket and start grabbing clutter and throwing it in their basket. These baskets can then be stashed under beds or in closets. While this is not ideal, it is still better than having clutter everywhere during a showing.

2. Spray and Swipe

Window cleaner, such as Windex, is one of the best ways to shine everything up when you’re in a rush. Quickly hit countertops, bathroom sinks and even the spot of that sticky unidentified substance on the kitchen floor.

3. Run the Vacuum

Grab the vacuum and run it quickly over the carpet. The goal is to leave just cleaned track marks and not necessarily to deep clean. In areas with tile, wood or vinyl flooring, run a broom over any noticeably soiled areas.

4. Gather up Towels and Blankets

We live in our houses. This means that sometimes someone slings a blanket on the floor or throws a damp towel over the edge of the bathtub. Run through the bedrooms and bathrooms and gather these items up. Stuff them in your washer or dryer where they are out of site. Just remember to pull them back out when the showing is over.

5. Spray a Bit of Air Freshener

You aren’t going to have time to bake those fresh cookies that make your house smell so delicious, but you can spray a scent neutralizing air freshener, such as Febreze. This will help take care of any stale smells and freshen up the house. Also, you won’t risk using a scent of freshener that someone doesn’t like or is allergic to.

6. Run Outside for a Clutter Check

Run out your front door and check for clutter. Did the kids kick off shoes by the front door? Perhaps the youngest left his bike laying on the front walkway or someone left a soccer ball in the middle of the yard. You want the outside of your house to be clutter free, too. This is the first thing the potential buyer sees after all.

At this point, you’ve probably done all you can to make your house presentable in a very short amount of time. However, if your home is truly a disaster zone that can’t be made presentable before the showing, don’t be afraid to say that it simply isn’t available to look at today and can the home buyer come tomorrow. Yes, you want to show the home whenever possible, but you also want to show your home in a light that will help it sell.

For more tips on homebuyer strategies for quick staging for unexpected showings, consult with Daniel and Bonnie Wan, a real estate agent team that understands the needs of your family.

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