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Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Some people think that selling their homes without the help of a professional real estate agent would a.) save them more money and b.) be easier. The truth is, it might save you money, but it will definitely not be easier.


Here are the reasons why you should hire a professional real estate agent:


A real estate agent…

*knows the real estate market in your area. He or she would have access to data regarding the recent sales in your neighbourhood, and he or she can definitely help you price your home accordingly.


*has access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This is a database of the current homes that are for sale. By hiring a professional real estate representative, the information about your home will be instantly available to all the agents across your area. They can conduct searches using the MLS for potential buyers to locate properties that the buyers might be interested in.


*can help you get your house ready for sale. He or she can also point out housing codes or zoning violations as well as suggest improvements that will help your house sell faster. These things can be missed without a professional’s help.


*can help you fill out the paperwork you will need before you can offer your home to potential buyers.


*can negotiate with potential buyers and their agents for you. He or she must act on your instructions and must tell you about the offers. He or she will definitely be helpful especially if the potential buyer has specific demands.


*is professionally trained to ensure that the sale of your home goes smoothly. When any trouble arises, he or she will let you know when you need to hire a lawyer.


*regularly talks to other agents. Word-of-mouth is an extremely efficient way of finding potential buyers.


*may be able to provide referral of experienced home inspectors and other contractors should your home need additional home improvement repairs or if needs to be brought up to code in order to comply with your city’s housing rules.


*can have a special showing of your house and he or she can also limit it to other agents. The agents who will get to see you home will be also professional ones with their clients in mind.


If you are thinking of hiring some of the best in the real estate industry, then setup an appointment with Daniel and Bonnie Wan. They won’t let you down!

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