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How to Childproof Your Home

Your home can be a dangerous place for an adventurous toddler. At this age, they are keen to exploring places and things around the house – while being unwary of the hazards. Make your home a safe place for its tiny residents by learning some foolproof childproofing techniques!

If you want to know how you can make your home a safer place for everyone, read our blog below. We round up the most tried and tested childproofing techniques there is!

Latches are your best friends

Install safety latches on drawers and doors. This should prevent kids from getting their hands on hazardous household products and dangerous tools. Make sure to store all hazardous products in latched doors.

Kids do not have full bodily control so it is easy for them to grab onto a drawer and pull it all the way through – this may cause them to hit their head or receive other sorts of injuries. Always remember to keep the latches locked after every use.

Put safety caps on electric outlets

Toddlers crawl all over the place and being the curious cats that they are, they are sure to touch things they shouldn’t. Make sure to install safety caps on unused electrical outlets to prevent electrocution. You can also install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) for electrical outlets that are near water sources.

Check on your shelves

Shelves and bookcases can tip over your crawling child given a nudge or two. It is best you bolt these to floor or to the wall. TV stands, appliances and other heavy home furniture pieces should also be checked to see if they pose any danger to your child. If you see anything that shakes and trembles with a simple shove, bolt them to the wall.

Danger lurking in the corner

If you have end tables and furniture pieces with sharp corners, make sure to cover them with edge bumpers. They may be unsightly but they can be lifesavers. If edge bumpers are not your thing then maybe you can consider changing your furniture selection with a more child-friendly option.

There are furniture pieces that have curved edges – which are more child-friendly.

Safety gates

If your home has a staircase, make sure to invest in safety gates. You wouldn’t want you child stumbling from a flight of stairs, would you? When investing in safety gates, make sure they are made from a sturdy material and have a good locking mechanism installed.

It is also a good idea to invest on a safety gate that is made pretty high to ensure your child won’t be climbing over them.

Of course, there is no replacing a good pair of eyes and ears to keep kids from incurring any injuries around the house. Always be attentive and keep an eye on them at all times – especially when they start exploring on their own.


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