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How to Sell my Home Fast

Our best advice for homeowners asking asking “how to sell my home fast”–is that it takes a myriad of concerted efforts, and there is no simple answer. There are a number of factors that come into play for homeowners like you who are hoping to sell their homes fast…

Play ‘The Price is Right’ Game
Overpriced homes don’t sell fast, simple as that. Underpriced homes sell real fast, of course—but what you need is to find a happy medium. To find that magic number you need to play The Price is Right game with your home—but make it a calculated game. By looking at historic home-sale prices in your neighbourhood and current market rates and activity you can find the magic number for your home, to sell it fast—for a fair-market price. Doing this however is not something you should attempt yourself, as it is best left to the professionals—like those here at the Wan Team. Our 22 years of experience means we know Richmond Hill neighbourhoods, prices and average selling times like no other. When you couple that with our MLS access to detailed market information unavailable to the public, we have an edge in pricing the biggest investment you own—your home.

Another reason to price your home right the first time—in addition to selling your home fast—is to avoid continual price drops, which indicates to buyers that the home isn’t worth what you’re asking. Continual price drops will devalue your home and increase the time to sale.

Perfecting your Home
Pricing your home properly, based on smart market data, is only the first step—because it doesn’t matter how accurately-priced your for-sale home is if it isn’t in show-worthy condition. Show-worthy condition means it is professional-grade clean, de-cluttered and depersonalized. So when it comes to how to sell my home fast—clean and organized is as important as pricing it well.

Good-Quality Photos
Homes with high-quality photos, shot with a wide-angle lens, get more showings. Period. So, be sure to get professional-grade photos using a wide-angle lens, to use on your MLS listing.

Don’t Be Afraid—or Over-Confident—of a Quick Sale
Many homeowners want a quick sale, but when a quick offer comes along they become over-confident that a better offer will quickly come in (as the first offers aren’t often at full list price). These quick offers however can be solid offers—and they may be the only one to come along quickly. So, don’t be afraid—or over-confident—of a quick offer, but do consider it carefully.

Our final tip on ‘how to sell my home fast’ is this…call the Wan Team. Our decades of experience will price your home right, the first time, and will guide you to a quick sale—at a fair price.

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