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How to Sell your House for Top Dollar

Selling real estate in Richmond Hill isn’t easy; but when it comes to how to sell your house for top dollar in Richmond Hill—it requires a professional-level of finesse, a proven marketing plan and an established network in the industry—all perks that come from selling your home with the Wan Team.

There are a few pearls of wisdom that we’ve learned over our 25+ years selling real estate in Richmond Hill that we will offer you today to help get your creative home-selling juices flowing (but for the full list of proven methods—call the Wan Team):

Know your Neighbourhood and Market
Richmond Hill is an extremely community-oriented town, which is one of the reason why so many of us love it dearly. City residents have rich community ties, whether it be through their deep cultural connections or religious centres. When selling your home, understand your neighbourhood’s cultural and religious makeup, and then cater to that by marketing within those sects. For example, if your neighbourhood has a large Russian Orthodox community then create buzz within the local Russian Orthodox church, at Russian food markets and the like. Include in  your MLS ad and other ads your home’s proximity to Russian stores and churches. Ditto for neighbourhoods with large Asian communities and other religions and/or ethnicities.

Cater your Home to the Market
Know who is buying homes in your area. If you aren’t sure, call Daniel or Bonnie here at the Wan team—we have our fingers on the pulse of Richmond Hill real estate. Once you know who is buying the majority of the homes in your area you know how to cater your home to the market. For example, if couples with young children form the majority of buyers then turn your office into an extra child’s room, a play room or a nanny’s suite. If a large percentage of buyers in your neighbourhood are young, single couples with no kids—then turn your kids playroom into an office.

In addition to catering to your Richmond Hill neighbourhood and its buyers, there are a number of other things you learn to help you on the ‘how to sell your house for top dollar’:

  • Stage your home
  • Depersonalize your home
  • Use creative forms of marketing
  • Leverage social media


The absolute best way when it comes to how to sell your house for top dollar—use the top real estate agent team in Richmond Hill—Bonnie and Daniel Wan. Leveraging our 25+ years of experience is the only solid way to ensure you sell your house for top dollar.

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