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How to Stage your Home to Sell

Richmond Hill homebuyers are a discriminating bunch—and the competition for fine homes here in  this community is steep! To help give you an edge in the Richmond Hill real-estate marketing, we’ve got 6 tips on how to stage your home to sell, fast.

6 Tips on How to Stage your Home to Sell

1. Provide a Blank Slate
One of the most difficult parts of being a home seller is depersonalizing your home. It is especially  hard because your house is your home and your memories are priceless—but, your memories are only priceless to you. In terms of for-sale home value, the highest price tag comes on homes with  blank slates, which is the reason why brand new homes are as popular as they are. To create a ‘blank’ slate with your for-sale Richmond Hill home you need to remove all the personal items. This means knickknacks, photos, quirky items and everything that represents you the homeowner. If necessary, you may need to repaint brightly-coloured rooms to a more neutral tone—so ditch the gold-and-purple yoga & meditation room in exchange for a home office or extra bedroom.

2. Make Everything (as) Perfect (as Possible)
Now is the time to get rid of that shoddy end table, the torn screen and the chipped hallway tile. Make all the home improvements you can and get rid of all your worn furniture. Go through your home with the thorough eye of a homebuyer and fix even the smallest issues.

3. Create a Lighting Concept
Many homebuyers here in Richmond Hill are looking for luxury—or at least a little luxury. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a flattering lighting concept. This could mean as little as purchasing a few nice new lamps, something more intensive like a chandelier (which can be surprisingly affordable), or a major change like recessed lighting.

4. De-Clutter
The average home has at least three pieces of furniture that aren’t needed, but we continually add  to our houses over time, for creature comforts. Consider which pieces of your furniture are bulky, and consider removing them from your home to open up your sight lines and make your home look less cluttered, and larger. Also remove ‘extras’ from bathrooms (like decorative soaps and tissue boxes), kitchens and from every room in your home—paying special attention to countertops, dressers and tabletops.

5. Be Super Clean
They say cleanliness is next to godliness—well, we don’t know anything about that but real estate is cleanliness. A less-than-clean home can lose thousands of dollars of value in the market. If you aren’t exactly excited about taking a toothbrush to your grout, then consider hiring a cleaning service to give your home a deep cleaning.

6. Call the Wans
Our best tip on how to stage your home to sell and how to get top dollar for your home is to call the Wans. Our experience in the industry with homes—and buyers—in Richmond Hill translates into high-quality advice for you, high-quality advice that can translate into thousands of dollars. Call us today for an in-home consultation.

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