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How to Throw the Best Open House

A home for sale shows the open house sign on a sunny afternoon.

An open house is the best time for you to get to know prospective buyers and showcase your home’s best assets. This is the time where you allow them to walk into your home to a have a peek of what life could be if they live in your home.

Most sellers do not put much thought in throwing the best open house – which can be a huge deal breaker. Property viewings are a great opportunity for you to let prospective buyers understand why your property is priced the way it is.

To help you throw the best open house, we have made a list of helpful tips. Read the entry below to know more.

Plan your schedule

Open houses can be a tiny bit daunting because it requires your presence. Take the stress out of the equation by planning ahead. Make sure to create an opening in your schedule to accommodate those who want to view your property.

If your schedule is too tight for you to accommodate an open house, make sure to have someone you trust who can assist prospective buyers while they take a look at your property.

Remember to find someone who will is as invested in this transaction as you are so they will go the extra mile when accommodating clients.


When it comes to an open house, first impressions last. Make sure to plan how you will accommodate guests and prospective buyers from start to finish.

Whether you decide to have a craft table with a selection of small snacks or have the speaker playing ambient music, make sure to plan ahead. Last minute additions can only stress you out more than you already are.

Put your best foot forward

It is important to dress in a presentable manner when dealing with prospective buyers. Showing up in your PJs and a dirty shirt can turn off prospective buyers, telling them you are not giving any regard to their time and presence.

Also be very cordial in greeting them and answering all their questions. Do not be too eager but do not be too apathetic, either. Find the balance between. Imagine you are talking to a friend and remember to ask questions, too.

Prepare your home

There is no place for clutter in an open house. Make sure to clean your home and stage it- if you have to. Open houses are all about the overall appeal of a property – you have to let prospective buyers imagine what life could be if they lived there.

Experts also suggest you remove heirlooms and pictures that may make it difficult for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there.


Aside from these tips, having a seasoned sales representative help you throughout the process is also crucial to a successful open house. Bonnie and Daniel Wan are seasoned real estate professionals who can help you navigate through the intricate process of selling your home. Find out how they can help you by contacting them at 905-883-8888.

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