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How You Can Sweeten The Pot To Sell Your Home

You’ve done all the right things to get your home ready for sale. You’ve cleaned it until it shines, cleared out all the clutter and removed anything that even hints of a personal touch. Any excess furniture has been removed or stored, and you’ve repositioned what is left to stage your home in an attractive manner. The outside has been cut, trimmed and planted so that it shows off your yard to look its absolute best. Is there anything else you can do to sweeten the pot to sell your home?

Sweeten the Pot to Sell Your Home: Offer Incentives to Buyers

1. Include Appliances in the Deal

Unless the offer to purchase mentions the appliances specifically, they are not included in the deal. By offering to include them up front, especially if they are relatively new, you are saving the buyers, especially if they are first-time homeowners, from having this expense on top of all the others that come with buying a home.

2. Offer to Pay Some (or all) of the Closing Costs

Giving the buyer a certain amount of money as a credit toward closing costs or paying them entirely will make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Everyone who buys property needs to pay legal fees and disbursements, and this is one less expense that the buyers will need to cover before they can move in to their new home.

3. Transfer a Warranty Big Ticket Items to the Buyer

If you’ve recently purchased an air conditioner, refrigerator, washer and dryer, or other large item and it’s still under warranty, offer to transfer the balance of the warranty to the new buyer when they purchase the home. The new buyer will feel more confident about taking on the house, knowing that the appliances and/or air conditioner are covered.

4. Give Buyers a Break on Property Taxes

Have you pre-paid a portion of your property taxes for the year? Offer potential buyers an incentive when they buy your house of a credit equal to the first month of property taxes free when they buy your home.

For other good ways to sell your home quickly, contact Daniel and Bonnie Wan today.

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