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Questions Home Sellers Should Be Careful Of

When sellers say they are excited to show their homes to prospective buyers and their agents, it doesn’t excite us. It’s never easy to tell sellers that it is unwise for them to talk to buyers and buyer’s agents. In fact, most of the time, it means nothing but trouble.

Although unintentional, sellers often say some things that could either make a prospect think twice about purchasing their home or affect the selling price. Remember, buyer’s agents are always gathering information that could help turn the sale to their favor.

Realtors are not allowed to talk to sellers in an unethical way. However, one need not be unethical to ask questions that warrant complex answers.

Here are some questions that can possibly be problematic:

  • Why are you selling?

Answering this question is almost the same as writing a neon sign saying “Just write me a lowball offer”. No matter how you answer this, you could be judged negatively or your answer may be used against you.

  • How long have you lived here?

If you say you’ve lived there for just a few years, the buyers could think there’s something you didn’t like about the house. If you say you’ve lived in the house for a really long time, they’d think you already have so much equity that you simply do not know what to do with it.

  • Do you have a lot of offers?

Tricky. Answering yes will make the buyers wonder if anything is wrong, since obviously it is not sold yet. Answering no, on the other hand, will also make them think that there must be something wrong! How can you win by answering this question?

  • How soon do you need to move?

Telling buyers that you are being transferred to another office and you really hope the house sells this month, then that would only translate as desperation for an offer… any offer.

  • Are the neighbours nice?

If the buyers want to know about the kind of neighbours you have, it’s better that they talk to them themselves. You should avoid giving any input, whether or not you have only good things to tell the buyers.

You see, even the most innocent questions can affect you negatively. That is why it is preferable that sellers are not home when buyers come to see the house. After all, most buyers prefer to have a little privacy when they’re looking at a home – this would allow them to picture the house as their own, which could be difficult if the seller is hovering when they’re going around.

Having an agent who knows all about these things can help you avoid making such mistakes as answering questions from buyers or buyer’s agents. Don’t have one yet? Call Bonnie and Daniel Wan! We’ll help you make that sale real soon!

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