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Realtors in Richmond Hill: How to Choose

Choosing Realtors in Richmond Hill can be as difficult as selecting your new home. To help demystify the process we’ve put together some of the top qualities that you should look for in Realtors in Richmond Hill—and then outlined why the Wan Team possesses all the qualities you could ever want, and more!

When choosing Realtors in Richmond Hill that will represent your real estate interests, keep the following in mind:

  • Local Market Knowledge

Every real estate market is unique, and they’re all living organisms that grow and change over time. You need a Realtor that knows that market in and out—which only comes from years of practicing real estate in your local market.

The Wan Team: We’ve not only been practicing real estate in Richmond Hill for decades, we’re also decades-long residents of Bayview. Our kids went to school here, and we’re deeply involved in our church and in the greater community through charitable work. We live and breathe Richmond Hill—and we’ve put in tens of thousands of hours—spanning decades—working and studying the market.

  • Analytical Skills

It takes strong, well-developed analytical skills to properly price homes and forecast real estate investments. Daniel Wan has this in spades, partially thanks to his advanced degrees in engineering and accounting. Daniel’s sharp, analytical brain has been assisting the Wan Team clients in making sound investments for decades.

  • A Decorator’s Eye

While analytical skills are important for smart real estate investments, it is a creative eye that makes a house a home. When selling your home a creative Realtor, like Bonnie Wan, will give you expert advice in home staging and decorating your home for sale. Bonnie also helps homebuyers with her creative flair, in helping them envision what homes could be—because a nicely-decorated home can be created, but structural elements and pricing is harder to change.

  • Readily Available

They say that two heads are better than one—well so are two schedules! Here at the Wan Team we work together to ensure that we are constantly available, to our client—and consistently ‘checking in’. Two Realtors truly are better than one.

If you’re wondering if the Bonnie and Daniel Wan are the ideal team for you—simply give us a call or drop by the office for a tea. You’ll know after meeting us that we genuinely have your best interests at heart.

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