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Richmond Hill Real Estate Advice

If you’re looking for Richmond Hill real estate advice—then you’ve come to the right place. As successful realtors in Richmond Hill for the last 25 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about real estate in this wonderful city, and we put this knowledge to work for our clients on a daily basis. To help you in making smart real estate we have 6 smart tips, of Richmond Hill real estate advice that truly matters:

1. Understand Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important everywhere—but it is even more important in Richmond Hill, where property values are critical given the price of buying real estate in this city. To sustain and build on the value of your home, maintain its curb appeal—and, ideally, not just when you’re selling.

2. Know your Market

Communities and neighbourhoods in Richmond Hill are highly community-oriented. They are safe, tight-knit and have strong ethnic and religious ties. Recognize—and embrace—this when buying or selling real estate in Richmond Hill.

3. Staging is Important

Families in the city want homes that are move-in ready as Richmond Hill isn’t a ‘fixer-upper’ area. So, stage your home with furniture, repairs, cleaning and depersonalization to look entirely move-in ready—and upscale.

4. DeClutter

The majority of homes and homebuyers in Richmond Hill like fine real estate, clean lines and an extremely clean and well cared-for appearance. The best way to do this—besides doing extreme cleaning—is to declutter your home.

5. Think Outdoors

Richmond Hillians love outdoor living spaces, so take advantage of the modern indoor-to-outdoor movement by creating livable outdoor spaces that leverage modern outdoor furniture and sitting spaces.

6. Do your Market Research

When you purchase a home in Richmond Hill you’re making a solid investment in your family’s future—but don’t do so based on paint chips and hardwood floors. Know where you’re investing and the projected growth and development of the area. To do this choose a solid realtor who calls the area their home—and have decades of experience in the area—like both of us here at the Wan Team.

As an extra bonus tip for Richmond Hill real estate advice, here is #7: call the Wan Team. Bonnie and Daniel’s experience is second-to-none, and their deep professional, community, ethnic and religious ties they have built to the community mean they have their pulse on ‘The Hill’ and its real estate market like nobody else. Call us today for more advice on ‘The Hill’.

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