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Selling your Home in Richmond Hill – a How To

Selling your home in Richmond Hill should be considered an art form, as the precision and beauty that homebuyers here are looking for needs to be well-catered to. This real-estate art doesn’t happen spontaneously though—it takes work!

To help you out with the process of creating a home in Richmond Hill that homebuyers want, and then helping you through the sales process to secure a return on your biggest investment—we’ve got 2 tips for selling your Home in Richmond Hill:

1. Ready it—Visually—for the Market
The predominant demographic in Richmond Hill is Europeans and Asians. Both of these are typically groups with discerning tastes, so what Richmond Hill homebuyers look for is immaculately clean and well cared-for homes with high-quality features (like cabinetry, faucets, appliances and hardwood or ceramic floors). If you don’t have the time to scrub your home top-to-bottom then consider hiring a cleaning service to give your home a real deep cleaning. While you’re cleaning your home, declutter it and stage it for sale (check out our blog for tips). In addition to scrubbing it, you will also need to make minor repairs to fix any imperfections—which   includes things like a chipped tile, scratched wall, torn screen, a new coat of paint, etc. To put the finishing touches on your home you will want to install high-quality fixtures and lighting (if you don’t have them already)–which can be purchased at reasonable prices at any Home Depot.
2. Choose the Right Realtor 
Choosing a realtor can be tough. While picking one amongst the crowd is difficult, just remember to look for a realtor with neighbourhood experience, coupled with market-driven insight. An insightful realtor will help guide you through the process, from an initial home assessment complete with suggestions, improvements and upgrades. They’ll also help assist you in choosing a fair-market listing price that will ensure a sale and then guide you through successful negotiations and closing procedures.

When it comes to selling your home in Richmond Hill, preparing your home for sale and choosing a realtor—we recommend putting our two+ decades of experience to work for you and your family, because there is no better team of realtors in Richmond Hill than Bonnie and Daniel Wan—the Wan Team.

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