Here at the Wan team our buyers are our friends—which is why we take a long-term strategy with our buyers. This long-term strategy ensures that our clients are catered to, throughout the home-buying process—from the initial meeting, to settling into your new home.

Our buyers service is an incremental process that walks you step-by-step through the process, while keeping your needs and feelings in mind. Our process has 6 distinctive steps that ensures  smooth home-buying and home-transitioning process:

Step 1: Meet and Greet
At our initial consultation we will listen to your needs and expectations of your new home and of the buying process. We will then explain our Living Real Estate approach to home buying, and explain why we are buyer agents and not simple facilitators who fill out paperwork. In this initial meeting you will understand our role as your buyer agent, our track record of success and the services that will benefit you.

Step 2: Create a Unique Home-Finding Plan
After our initial consultation we will develop a unique home-finding plan. It will encompass home budgeting, timeframes, targeting the specific neighbourhoods that offer the qualities you and your family need and offering the sound investment advice you need to keep your family on solid financial ground. By assessing neighbourhoods for both their features and their historical and planned growth we will create a home-finding plan that targets the right areas for you and your financial strategy.

Step 3: Financing
Buying a home is as much about making smart financial decisions as it is choosing the right home for your family. By discussing the mortgage basics and your overall home and financial goals we can get you on the right track while establishing criteria for selecting the mortgage that works for you. From there we will recommend an exceptional mortgage professional to help you through the financial paperwork.

Step 4: Home Finding
Once your financing is in place we will execute the home-finding plan and begin showing you carefully-selected homes from our neighbourhood and market analysis, that match your unique needs.

Step 5: Handling Offers and Agreements
When we've found a home that you're excited about we will walk you through the process of submitting an offer—while outlining realistic expectations throughout the process. We will then negotiate you to a financially-sound home value. If the offer is accepted we will then go through all the forms, agreements and other paperwork necessary to finalize the process.

Step 6: Home Transition
Now all that is left to do is assist you through the home transitioning process by helping your children and pets through the moving process and by connecting you with our team of professional movers.

For questions on this process—or to book your initial consultation, contact the Wan team today.


“You were a incredible help during our recently sold home! The photographs you took were brilliant stunning! Your  expertise is second to none. Futhermore, you brought a full sized coach filled with possible buyers to our home for viewin. This is truly amazing! Buring our listing period, we view many offers from other agents. But they weren't able to get the price we desired. Together with yor trememdous connections fo clients, you brought just the right purchaser for our home. Finally it was listed and sold by your own clients, in which we were very satisfied with. Both of you were thorough an thoughtful and we will certainly recommend you to friends & family who are looking for an honest, sincere, experienced and hardworking realtor.”

Tony and Julie Fuda

“Daniel & Bonnie Wan, We just wanted to say thank you so much for your work in the sale of our house, 18 Clarendon Drive. The whole process ran very smoothly and was much easier and stress-free than we had ever expected it to be. Bonnie-we really appreciated your advice on the renovations and upgrades needed to make the house appealing to buyers. You were very good at representing our interests with all of the trades involved and making sure that we got the best deal available. Daniel-you were wonderful in the actual negotiation of the sale agreement. You were very calm and steady and really ensured that our interests were represented to the fullest. We also wanted  to thank the staff at your office. They were always very polite, considerate of our time, and prompt in returning calls. They were also very helpful in our search for a rental property. Thank you again for all the work and effort you did for us. You are both great negotiators and would recommend your services to anyone looking for a real estate agent in the Bayview Hill area. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 非常感謝你們售出我們的房屋:18 Clarendon Dr所做的工作。整個銷售過程極其開心順暢,遠較我們所預期的簡捷並且毫無壓力。 Bonnie-我們由衷感激你,為了吸引買家,模擬了房屋所需要的翻新裝璜及改建升級等等有效的建議。你傑出巧妙地在各方方面面替我們節源及倍增了我們的投資回報,處處為我們的利益著想,讓我們可以獲得最大的利潤。 Daniel-你在銷售協議中實際的談判協商技巧堪稱完美。你沉著冷靜,有條不紊,真正確保了我們的利益被完美地擴大到極限。 我們還要感謝你們團隊的員工。他們總是彬彬有禮,對我們的時間安排顧慮周全,及時地給我們回應電話。他們為我們尋找出租房源也提供了非常好的幫助。 再次感謝所有你們為我們付出的工作和努力。你們都是傑出的談判協商專家,真誠推薦你們的服務給所有在富豪山莊尋找房產買賣經紀的人。  ”

Rex & Alex, 18 Clarendon Dr, Bayview Hill