Service is supreme for the Wan team—and our selling services begin with listing and continue all the way to post-sale services, and everything in between. This 'supreme' service includes interior design and styling advice that can leads to thousands—or tens of thousands—of dollars more to your bottom line when selling your home.

Bonnie Wan is the Wan team's resident creative expert. Her finishing touches in interior design and home staging have been adding value to the sale price of the Wan team's homes for years—because here at the Wan team we are huge proponents of home staging. Staging your home vastly improves its aesthetics, which adds money to its price tag, because 'sexy' homes sell.

When Bonnie waves her creative magical wand over homes, she improves the following to help create the perfectly-staged home:

Tips #1: Create Counter Space
Counter space in kitchens and bathrooms is always important to homeowners, which is why when Bonnie stages a home she clears all the clutter from kitchens and washrooms. This means removing all the bulky appliances, knick knacks, cutlery holders, dish drying racks, etc. in the kitchen, and removing decorative soaps, hand creams, organizers, toothbrushes, etc. in the washroom. By removing these items she creates visual counter space, as cleared counters  look bigger. This will also depersonalize the space, another important element in home staging.

Tip #2: Depersonalize
Speaking of depersonalizing your home—this is one of the most important elements of home staging, because people don't want to buy your home they want to buy a blank canvas. A blank canvas allows them to visualize themselves in the home, which is what you want. To create this 'blank canvas' you need to depersonalize your home for viewings, which includes: taking down family portraits, removing knick knacks from rooms, clearing personal photos, tucking away the birthday cards from last week, packing up your trophies, etc..

Tip #3: Remove Clutter
There are very few homes that are as sparse as they need to be for home showings, but you want your home relatively sparse because too much clutter makes spaces look smaller. So, remove bulky pieces of furniture, extra tables, extra chairs, children's toys, bulky DVD collections and their bulky stands, dog beds, and what have you. Removing a few items from each room will declutter the space nicely (if you can't live without them then you can replace them after the open house or showing).

Tip #4: Properly Use Extra Rooms
Many people have an extra room in their house, whether it be a spare bedroom, toy room or junk/storage room. Often these room are hidden away in the basement—but don't think that will keep prospective homebuyers from finding them. Instead of hiding them away, showcase them by staging them for selling. Staging them to be an extra room or a home office will add value to your home. If you want to highlight extra storage space (important if your home doesn't have much naturally) then add some shelving and/or organizers in there to really prove the point.

Curious what else Bonnie has in store for your home in regards to staging or interior design? Just ask her! 

Home Staging

“Hi Bonnie and Daniel,   I want to personally thank the two of you for your greatest efforts today. Words cannot express how happy we are with your performance. My mother nearly shed a tear from the overwhelming joy.    We are extremely pleased and we know that we picked the right people to sell our property from the very beginning. We hope to hear great news for the upcoming days and let's allow this positive energy we have together to continue.   Have a great night and thank you once again!   Warmest regards, Stephanie”

Stephanie Lee - 58 Arten Ave, Richmond Hill

“Bonnie & Daniel Wan was selected as our realtor for a number of reasons but first and foremost it was because of their incredible sales success in the Bayview Hill community.  Their approach to marketing and selling our home was unique and well thought out.  They have an incredible grasp of how to ensure that we as sellers get market value for our property and that buyers know exactly what they are going to have to pay to be in this market. Bonnie & Daniel were successful in selling our home within 5 days of listing it on MLS for well over asking price. They and their team worked with us to prepare for the sales process and the results were amazing! Thank you Bonnie & Daniel! Rene and Elaine Dupuis Bayview Hill Residents for over 25 years.”

Thank you Bonnie & Daniel!