Service is the reason the Wan team is one of the top realtor teams in Richmond Hill. Our home-seller service is second-to-none as we have created a seller-centric process that walks our clients through the process, step-by-step, while empathizing with their goals and keeping their feelings paramount in the process.

Our incremental process will ensure that you have realistic expectations throughout the home-selling process—AND ensure that you achieve your home-selling goals. This 7-step process begins with a no-obligation consultation, and doesn't end until you're happily moved.

Step 1: Initial Consultation
In our initial consultation we will listen to your needs, your wants and your expectations—and then outline exactly what we can do for you as your seller representation.

Step 2: Home Preparation
Once we've signed a representation agreement we will discuss features on your home that could be improved to raise the overall value and its marketability. These improvements can include minor-repair, painting, home-staging, curb-appeal and/or interior-design tips. This is where Bonnie truly shines—her creative visions for homes is renowned, and has added tens of thousands of dollars in value to homes.

Step 3: Price your Home, Right—the First Time
Pricing your home right, the first time, is important—because homes that stay on the market longer receive less showings and offers over time, which continually drives down the price. To help price your home at a marketable rate, while fitting with your neighbourhood growth AND your own financial requirements, Daniel will use his engineering and accounting background to perform an analysis of your home, neighbourhood and the current market to create a comparative market evaluation. From there we will discuss, together, what is a comfortable price for your home. Included in this will be a discussion of overall costs incurred with selling, including moving, any mortgage penalties, financing, income tax, legal fees, etc.--so that you can make an informed decision.

Step 4: Marketing Plan
Next we will create a marketing plan that includes professional photos, MLS listing creation, advertising strategy and marketing-material creation. For exact specifics on our creative marketing plans call the Wan team today.

Step 5: Negotiate Offers
Once we have offers coming in we will discuss with you their viability and sign-back rates. After intense negotiations on price, inclusions and conditions we will come to a decision together, based on what you feel is best for you and your family.

Step 6: Find you a New Home
After, or during, the negotiations process we will begin finding you the new home that meets your family's current—and future—needs. See our buyers services page for more information on that process.

Step 7: Get Moving
Once the deal has 'firmed up' and closed we will help you move by connecting you with moving professionals, if needed, and assisting you with the information you need to make a smooth transition—including a smooth move for your kids and pets (which can be extremely stressful on them if not handled properly).

For questions on specific marketing plans, comparative analysis—or to book an initial, no-obligation, consultation, call the Wan team today. 


“"We had a great experience working with The Wans to sell our house and enjoyed relying on their expertise. They both understand the market very well, and are highly strategic. They helped to sell our house $600,000 more than similar house of same model house in the community within a month. Dan is a great listener, he spent time to understand our needs and expectations. They provided insightful advice, and planned well to deliver the result. We highly recommend The Right Wans. Would definitely work with them again."  Regards,”

Irene Cho, Alexandra Wood, Bayview Hill

“Bonnie & Daniel Wan were selected as our realtor for a number of reasons but first and foremost it was because of their incredible sales success in the Bayview Hill community.  Their approach to marketing and selling our home was unique and well thought out.  They have an incredible grasp of how to ensure that we as sellers get market value for our property and that buyers know exactly what they are going to have to pay to be in this market. Bonnie & Daniel were successful in selling our home within 5 days of listing it on MLS for well over asking price. They and their team worked with us to prepare for the sales process and the results were amazing! Thank you Bonnie & Daniel ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 選擇 Bonnie & Daniel 作為我們房屋的賣方經紀有很多原因,尤其是他們在富豪山莊中卓越不凡的銷售業績。Bonnie & Daniel在房產銷售市場及房屋買賣方面均具有独到的見解及锐利的眼光,并可以精准的掌握賣家的房屋價值,因而讓買家更明確地了解市場價位。 我们的房子上市仅5天,Bonnie和Daniel远超我们希望将房子超叫价31%成功地售出。云生云太和他們的團隊高效率及专业,结果更超乎我们想象地完美。 由衷感谢 Bonnie & Daniel !      ”

Rene and Elaine Dupuis, Palmer Ave. Bayview Hill. Bayview Hill Residents for over 25 years.