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Should You Hire a Moving Company?

If you are planning a move, it can be tempting to consider going the DIY route to save money. Keep in mind that moving is a complicated task, and you may be better off enlisting the help of a moving company to look after the details and help you to stay organized. Should you hire a moving company? Weigh out the advantages and disadvantages carefully before you make your decision.

DIY Move: the Advantages

  • Affordability

This is the more economical way to move. You can keep costs down by renting a truck and packing up your contents yourself.

  • Schedule the Move at your Convenience

You don’t need to worry about the moving company’s schedule when you are moving on your own. If you need to change the date for some reason, you don’t need to worry about cancelation fees or whether you can reschedule to the new date you need.

DIY Move: the Disadvantages

  • Hard Work to Move without Professional Help
  • Moving is a big job without professionals to help you. You’ll have to pack all of your belongings yourself, move them out of your home and ensure they are loaded safely onto a truck.
  • Physically Demanding

If you are not used to the demands of lifting and carrying heavy objects, you will find it challenging to move your belongings into the moving truck and then unpacking them once you reach your destination.

Hire a Moving Company: the Advantages

  • More Time to Focus on Other Tasks

Moving is a big job and by hiring professional movers, you are not in it alone. The company can handle loading and transporting your household items (and even packing them), while you look after other details, including changing your mailing address, setting up utilities at the new house, arranging childcare for moving day, if required, etc.

  • Movers Can Look After the Heavy Lifting

Movers know how to pick up and move appliances, furniture and other heavy objects without damaging them or causing injury to themselves. Let them take over the heavy stuff and it will make your move a lot less stressful

  • Professional Movers Know How to Protect your New Home During Unloading

They know how to load a truck quickly and efficiently. Once you they reach your new home, professional movers can unload your belongings in the same manner, taking care not to damage the floors or walls in your new home.

Hire a Moving Company: the Disadvantages

  • More Expensive to Hire Professionals

It definitely costs more to hire professional movers than to go DIY. You’ll want to take the time to find a reputable company that is also affordable.

  • You Need to Work Around the Company’s Schedule

If an unexpected event prevents you from moving on the day you booked, you will have to pay a cancellation fee for the inconvenience.

It’s important to consider your options carefully when deciding whether you should hire a moving company. The decision about whether to hire Daniel and Bonnie Wan for your real estate needs is much simpler. Their team approach to offering real estate services just can’t be beat. Contact them today to find out more about how they can help you if you are buying or selling your home.

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