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Spring Cleaning Tips for New Homeowners

Spring is almost here! Before you enjoy this lovely season, there may be some tasks that you want to take care of first. Yes, we mean your spring cleaning to-dos! How do you manage this annual task? Do you have an effective strategy so you can tackle the chores with ease?


If you’re looking for some helpful tips, then you are in the right place. Here are some strategies you should try:


  1. Work from the top going down, and inside to outside. This will help you avoid making the area you just cleaned dirty again.
  2. You can reduce trips by bringing a box with you to deposit items into before you bring them all to their final destination.
  3. Avoid unfinished jobs by doing one room or one area at a time, instead of every room all at once. Doing this will give you the satisfaction of seeing things getting done instead of feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything.
  4. Try to multitask. If you can do two or three things at once, then do so. For example, you can do other tasks like scrub the shower stall while your laundry is going.
  5. Organize your closet. Get rid of all the items that you don’t use anymore. Arrange all that’s left in such a way that everything is in sight. This way, you’ll get to use them too.
  6. Mops with a squeeze mechanism work really well for linoleum, vinyl, and ceramic tile floors. Get a heavy-duty pail to hold your soap and water solution. If you have wood floors however, you have to be more careful so as not to ruin them. For tiled surfaces, use a cleaner with neutral pH, or you can mix baking soda and water.
  7. When cleaning your windows, make sure that you clean both the inside and outside surface to remove all the spots and smudges that you often do not get to remove.
  8. If you have stainless steel in your kitchen, make sure the surfaces sparkle. Spray on a light mist of aerosol (wax-based). Just make sure that you don’t put on too much.
  9. Don’t forget about your dishwasher! If you expect this appliance to remove all the food stains from your plate then you have to clean it too. Remove any leftover food bits from the bottom. Run a cycle using a specialty cleanser just for your dishwasher.
  10. Clean both the inside and the outside of your refrigerator. Remove all the interior shelves and clean them with warm soapy water. Wipe the surfaces using a sponge before reinstalling the shelves.


These are just ten tips that can help you with your spring cleaning. How about you? How do you handle your spring cleaning? Do you have any tips for us, too?

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