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Spring Décor Ideas for Your Home

Are you ready for spring? There is no better way to welcome this loved season than to freshen up your home décor! So, break out of that winter rut! What are you waiting for? Update your home for sunnier days!


Here are some creative yet simple ideas on how you can do just that:


Refresh Your Bedding

Treat yourself (and your bedroom) to a new duvet and shams for a brighter bedroom! This is not only an easy fix, but it is also a great one! Bring more colours to your room and be more motivated to make your bed every single day.


Update Your Pillows

Fabrics such as silk, velvet, and even tween sure are beautiful all year-round, but they can somehow feel a bit heavy for both the spring and summer months. What you can do is give your home fresh updates by changing your pillow fabrics from time-to-time – just like you do for your clothing! This spring, it is a great idea to have breezy fabrics such as printed cotton or linen to lighten things up a bit.


Rearrange Your Furniture

The floor plan of your living room can be easily arranged – the ultimate no-cost decorating move! Just by simply moving around your furniture, you can give your living room the fresh look it needs. Not only will you give your home an updated look, it will also leave you feeling brand new!


Use Some Foliage

Freshen things up a bit by having leaves or flowers in fun and colourful vases. This is definitely a low-maintenance way to add freshness to any room without so much fuss. Not only that, you have the option to choose any leaves or flowers you prefer! Regularly refresh the water and trim the bottom of the stem so your leaves can live on for months!


Add More Colours

Want another easy way to update for spring? Use colourful accessories! There are dozens of affordable vases, interesting objects and accessories, and colourful books that can brighten any coffee table or entry console in seconds! You can go for fashion books or magazines, gold agate accents, as well as gold-leaf pieces, to name a few.


Clean Your Home

Another easy and sure way to get your home ready for the spring is by cleaning it. You can touch up those walls and trim that have accumulated dust and dirt over the winter!
There you have it! Do you have other suggestions on how you can update your home for the spring? Let us hear them!

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