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Stage for Success

Gone are the days when people would look at bare homes and imagine their belongings arranged, then decide that yes, it’s the perfect home for them! Years ago, buyers liked homes stripped of any furniture and decoration- like a clean slate.

These days however, the modern buyer has no time for an originally imagined set-up. More than usual, people who purchase new homes prefer those that are actually staged.

What is staging?

Staging is simply preparing your home for a sale by making it more appealing to prospective buyers. With the goal of having the highest possible number of interested buyers, a seller with the help of a professional realtor, accentuates the assets of the house and downplays its flaws, if there’s any.

Here are some tips on how to do a simple staging for your home:

De-clutter. No one is attracted to a space filled with clutter. Remember that you want your home to earn liveability points, not look too lived-in. Buyers should see your square footage, not your personal items.

There is no need to replace old kitchen cabinets and fireplace screens. Just give them a good cleaning, then polish, stain, or paint them for that fresh new look.

Neutralize. Your home should not be gender-specific- especially the master bedroom. It should appeal to both sexes if you want a bigger number of prospective buyers. You can achieve this by painting the walls with a neutral hue and accessorize with items that are neither too feminine nor masculine.

You want to show-off the strong points of your property. Furnish spaces in a way that it would bring out its best feature- whether it’s meant to be functional, comfy, or decorative.

Pack up. Make sure to remove unnecessary furniture and even small items that could be a red flag to buyers. A room with too many items may lead buyers to think you lack storage space or worse, your place is too small.

Freshen up. We mean the house. This is important especially if you have had pets inside. You want your home free of any unpleasant odours. Replace old carpets and cushions that may trap old and offensive smells. Use odour-eliminating disinfectants when you clean and open windows to let fresh air and sunshine in!

You cannot deny the importance of curb appeal when it comes to attracting buyers. Bring out the colour of your pavers, plant flowers, repaint if necessary. No matter how good the inside of your home looks, it won’t matter if buyers are turned off by a shabby exterior.

Staging is fun, but it may not be for everyone. Bonnie is an expert in staging and designing homes for selling. Call them now and find out how she and her partner David can help you prepare your home for the market and get you the best price for it.

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