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Stage Your Home for Less!

When selling a home, appearance is a major factor. That is why most homeowners and agents swear by home staging. We want our house to look like it is well-designed yet comfy. However, getting the services of a professional stager could cost quite a lot, and frankly not everyone has extra cash for that.


It’s a good thing that you can do a cost-effective staging on your own with a budget that is almost next to nothing! Here’s how:


Pack Away Personal Stuff!
This is probably the simplest and of course, the cheapest way to start home staging. Do away with personal items that could easily make your room too lived in and cramped. You’d also want to de-personalize your home so potential buyers can imagine it as their own. Pictures, especially, can be distracting. For an efficient packing, you’d probably just spend for packaging tape, given that you already have boxes and scissors on hand.


Rid Your Home of Clutter!

Who would want to look around a house with too much clutter? You may not be aware of it as a homeowner, but buyers easily spot cluttered countertops and shelves. They are not interested in your CD collection or your kids’ toys. It would do you well to remove all the items from surfaces around the house, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Check your drawers and closets as well. Box them up and store them in the corner of your garage, that is, if you do not have friends or relatives who can keep them for you for free!

Highlight the Purpose of Each Room!

We know that you love how your child has his own playroom, but not all the buyers have kids and not all would like the idea of having a playroom. If the house was built with three bedrooms, then show buyers three bedrooms instead of two bedrooms and a playroom. Make sure buyers see the full potential of each room. Most people would prefer an additional bedroom to a “music room” or a “crafts room”.


Freshen Up Those Walls!
Paint is relatively cheap and freshly painted walls translate well to potential buyers. Choose a neutral colour that would emphasize the architecture of your home and make the rooms appear brighter and bigger. Avoid colours that are striking. Hot pink may work for you, but it’s not for everyone.


Rearrange Your Furniture!

You may have had to move almost every piece to the wall to have a lot of walking space for your toddler. Or perhaps you had to hide away your beautiful rug and some display pieces because of your growing retriever. It’s time to rearrange things, not how they would be convenient for you but in such a way that your home would look attractive. Get some tips from your agent. Bonnie is known to work wonders with home staging. She can help turn your well lived-in home to a classy and inviting space.

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