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Staging Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season, contrary to popular belief, is actually a great time to sell your home. Why? People who often do not have time off normally do during this time. Some buyers also know that there are great places out there, too. Also, children are also out of school so their parents can gauge their reaction to a new home and neighbourhood. So, if you are planning to stage your home for this holiday season, make sure to promote cheer to evoke the feeling of joyful seasons yet to come.


How to do it? Here’s how:


Make your home feel warm and welcoming.

When staging your home, it is essential to highlight how comfortable your home could feel to prospective buyers by layering on the blankets and having boots out for them to see by your door. Throw in a few holiday-themed throw pillows and stuffed snowmen on your children’s beds and your couches. Be sure to put your fireplace to good use – visitors will appreciate the crackling sound and the roaring fire. This would definitely impress people who are looking to build their own precious holiday memories.


Decorate with elegance.

As much as you might enjoy all the tacky flavour of certain decorations, keep in mind that you are decorating for others, too. Bring out your bowls with gold and silver ornaments and decorate your tree with a monochromatic or simple style. You can also put up rustic traditional wreaths. Avoid decorations that can make your house look like it’s been hit by a tinsel cannon.


Use lights effectively.

As easy as it is to pay attention to your home’s interior, do not forget that first impressions last. Your home’s exterior should be decorated, too. Some visitors tend to judge a home’s interior just by looking at its exterior. Some potential homebuyers continue driving away when they are not impressed on what they see outside. Put up some lights and do it tastefully. Avoid having lights with too many colors – a few strings of white lights will do the trick. If you have inflatable characters or a full-sized Santa sleigh, you may want to hold off on putting them on display until your next home.


Staging for this holiday season can add an extra flair that can definitely sell your home to those who are looking for their own place to celebrate and create memories with. If you need more tips on how to stage for the holidays or if you are looking for an agent who can help you sell your home, contact The Right Wans today!



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