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Staging Your Home to Get Higher Offers and More Money in Your Pocket

In a competitive real estate market, you need to back off from thinking of your home in a sentimental manner. It is a product you are trying to sell, and you want to make it appealing to potential buyers. The better job you can do to have someone picture him or herself living in the house, the more likely you will be to get an offer in hand.

First Impressions Count

Potential buyers will start taking stock of your home from the moment they pull up to the property. Chances are they have, or will be, seeing many homes before making a decision about which one they will buy. If you want to make yours stand out from the rest, you need to make a great impression. You want to capture a buyer’s interest from the time he or she steps in the door, and a neat, clean home will make them take notice.

Staging Will Help you Get Top Dollar

A well-staged home looks pleasing to the eye. If you have ever walked through a model home, you have noticed how well laid-out the floor plan is and how everything is in its place. The home looks very inviting and comfortable; this effect will make browsers turn into buyers.

Staged Homes Sell Faster

When your home is well presented, a buyer will make a positive decision more quickly to avoid being disappointed. You may be in the enviable position of having more than one offer on your property if you take the time to stage your property.

Deal with Clutter Before You Move 

One of the many tasks you will need to tackle before you move is to sort and dispose of clutter from your home. By deciding that you are going to stage your home, you will be forced to deal with it well in advance of moving day. Get rid of things that are simply taking up space or that you no longer need or want. Sell or donate them to charity to give your home a neater appearance.

Best Time to Stage Your Home

Look after staging your home before you list it for sale. You’ll want all potential buyers to see it at its best to get it sold quickly.

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