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Childproofing New Homes

Little boy standing near the dishwasher taking forks and spoons out of it. Playing with cutlery. Baby boy and dishwasher. Baby proofing. Dishwasher with an open door and little boy playing with it. Little helper. Danger of household items for babies.

If you have children, especially those less than four years old, it is essential to have your home childproofed. How can it be done? By identifying common dangers and choosing the best products that will decrease the risk of accidents. It is the Read More

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How to Childproof Your Home

Toddler picks dandelions in a park

Your home can be a dangerous place for an adventurous toddler. At this age, they are keen to exploring places and things around the house – while being unwary of the hazards. Make your home a safe place for its tiny residents by Read More

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