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The Best Richmond Hill Condos

Condos in Richmond Hill are, overall, a great investment. And the best Richmond Hill condos are getting even better as the city runs out of available land and real estate growth hits an upward trajectory. This means not just upward growth for condos—but also increasing competition that will not only drive pricing up—but the quality of living as well, as buildings compete for residents.

Allow us to preface this article about the best Richmond Hill condos by saying that there are throngs of gorgeous condos that are great investments all across the city. The ones on this list are some truly great ones, and some of our personal favourites—but this list is by no means exhaustive, nor is it all the condos we. For a more complete listing of ALL the best condos, give us a call.

Without further ado, here is our list of some of (what we consider) some of the best Richmond Hill condos:

88 Times Avenue

The condo building at 88 Times Avenue has all the amenities young couples, families and retirees could want, with an indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, gym and rec room. This condo’s real attention stealer is its overall commitment to excellence. It not only has good amenities, but the building is in great condition, its maintenance department is quite responsive and it has excellent security. It also has a sensational location (and Richmond Hill real estate is location, location, location!), next to the Galleria shopping centre, across from a market place and one street away from a lovely green space complete with small lake and river.  Also, it allows our furry little friends—making it a gem for pet owners.

This building is ideal for retirees, young professionals, young couples, small families with young children and first-time buyers.

Grand Palace

For those looking for luxury living in Richmond Hill, we bring you the Grand Palace. While this building is extremely new, having just celebrated its inaugural resident event in August of this year, the building is quickly stealing the Richmond Hill crown for the cream of the crop. With its innovative layout, business centre, party room and the Grand Spa—the amenities are endless. And the location is as stately as the design of the building itself.

This building has a very ‘sophisticated’ price point—but in our opinion its worth every penny.

Rosehill Suites

The Rosehill Suites, at 35 Hunt Avenue, doesn’t necessarily have the amenities of 88 Times Avenue, but it has what many condo buyers are looking for—it is super-quiet (there is extremely minimal traffic noise) and extremely clean. It is also well-managed and has friendly on-the-ball maintenance. It is close to shopping (including tons of shops, convenience store and an LCBO) and parks, and is right on a Viva bus route.

The Wan Team recommends this for retirees, first-time homebuyers and professionals.

The above three condos are just three of our favourites, and some of the best Richmond Hill condos on the market—but we have throngs of our favourites that may just be perfect for you. We also have our finger on the pulse of the market here—and are familiar with all the upcoming developments. Call us today to find out what condos we have in store for you.

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