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The Right Wans: The #1 Real Estate Team in Bayview Hill for 25 Years

Daniel and Bonnie Wan have been working together in real estate for 25 years. Their professional and personal partnership has been a very successful one – and it shows! Each of them brings different talents and skills to the table, but both have similar values and goals which lead to success for themselves and the clients they serve. It has led to them becoming the #1 real estate team in Bayview Hill for 25 years, which is definitely something worth celebrating.

What Makes the Wans a Successful Real Estate Team

From the time that Bonnie and Daniel arrived in Toronto (Bonnie from Taiwan and Daniel from Hong Kong), they have been focused on working together as a team to achieve real estate success. They have decided that each one should focus on their respective areas of expertise so that together they will be able to offer their customers a better experience when either buying or selling a home.

Bonnie brings her strengths in the areas of marketing, advertising, PR, photography to the table. Her flair for interior design and renovations make her someone that sellers can trust to present their homes in a way that buyers will find attractive. Bonnie also excels in suggesting property enhancements that will really make a house “pop” and stand out from comparable ones in its neighbourhood.

Daniel’s previous employment includes stints as an accountant, an engineers and an IT professional. All of the experience he gained from his previous work experience has served him well in his real estate career, though. He has successfully combined his warm personality and his analytical nature to focus his attention on listening carefully to clients and making a personal connection with them. Daniel makes sure that he understands his clients’ needs and combines them with market-driven analyses to ensure that he helps them find the right home that will provide not only a place to live but the potential for growth in value in future years.

For expert service that is second to none whether you are buying or selling a home in Bayview Hills, contact Daniel and Bonnie Wan today.

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